GCHQ Linked Data Mining Company Headed by Director of the Portman Hunt


Introducing Anthony Daniell of Dorset and London, Chairman and Director of the Portman Hunt Ltd and the ironically titled Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (that’s shooting animals for fun) and of a company called Ripjar.


Who are Ripjar? To quote their company spiel “Ripjar is a global company of talented technologists, data scientists and analysts designing products that will change the way criminal activities are detected and prevented. Our founders are experienced technologists & leaders from the heart of UK security and intelligence community all previously working at the British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).”


Just last year the Hunt Saboteurs Association found themselves the target of counter terrorism police having labelled the HSA as a domestic extremist organisation in their advice to partners and others regarding the use of symbols, see:




Ropjar PM Quote


Is it any surprise that hunts can get away with murder when people in positions of power such as Daniell are strongly linked to bloodsports?




Just last weekend, hunt monitors reported seeing a fox being chased from Daniell’s land in Dorset by the Portman hunt.


We believe Anthony Daniell’s positions are a very worrying conflict of interest, you can contact Ripjar to complain https://ripjar.com/contact/

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