No matter who you are, where you live, or how unfit you are, there are numerous things you can do to help our wildlife from becoming the victims of blood sports!

Information Stalls

As a grass roots campaign, we don’t pay for advertising but instead rely on word of mouth to bring the reality of blood sports to the public’s attention.

Information Stalls consist of a couple of people, some leaflets, posters and a small table. Holding an Information Stall in the street is a great way to help your local town stay informed. In fact, most active saboteurs became involved after seeing the reality of blood sports on information stalls and wanting to become involved. So even if you yourself aren’t able to actively Sab, you are likely to meet someone who will!

Information packs can be ordered by emailing us here with your address.

Benefit Gigs

Local Sab groups spend a fortune on equipment, vehicles and fuel and despite what the hunt believe, we don’t get £20 and a packed lunch every day we’re out (we wish!). Holding benefit gigs can be a great way to raise money for your local groups and are also a great place to hold an information stall. It doesn’t even have to be music, Comedy nights, Open Mike nights and Karaoke nights can be a great laugh.

Get Writing

Writing letters to your local newspaper is a great way to share your concern for our wildlife. Many newspapers often have reader’s letter sections where active debate is encouraged. If you know something blood sport related has happened local to you, but your local paper isn’t covering it, then writing in can be a great way to highlight this information to the public. Contact our dedicated press officer if you need advice. With the accessibility of the internet these days it probably won’t even cost you a stamp, as most newspapers accept emails. Other online ways to help can be following our facebook or twitter pages and sharing, liking or commenting on the stories we post.

Make Stuff!

Apart from donations and benefit gigs, the rest of the money made by the HSA comes from selling our merchandise. So if you’re a bit of a crafty fox why not make and sell your own? In the past our supporters have had great success making and selling all sorts of things from cupcakes to cuddly foxes and even soap.