Grouse Shoots Shut Down on Glorious 12th

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Hunt Saboteurs Association News release 13th August 2019


Over one hundred hunt saboteurs marked the start of the grouse shooting season, the so called Glorious 12th, by descending on grouse moors in the Peak |district and Lancashire and shutting down shoots, saving hundreds of lives.

They started the day at Snailsden Moor in the Northern Peak district where the shoot were stopped before they’d even started. Bemused shooters looked on as a wave of sabs spread across the moor towards them. The shoot returned to their vehicles and tried to sneak back onto the moor but sabs were monitoring their ever move and they stayed huddled in their shooting lodge. As lunchtime arrived they drifted off, clearly done for the day.

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Another shoot had already been located on Emmott Moor in Lancashire so sabs headed North and arrived just in time to stop their afternoon drive and end their days killing.

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Another shoot in the Western Peak District appeared to not go out at all due to sabs waiting outside their accommodation.


Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association stated; “The tide of public opinion is clearly turning against grouse shooting as people become more and more sickened by it’s cruelty, environmental destruction and sheer extravagance in this age of austerity. Politicians and talking heads are calling for its ban but until that time hunt saboteurs will remain on the frontline ensuring that shooters must always look over their shoulders, never sure when we’ll arrive”.


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