Hare Illegally Hunted by University Hunting Group

Damning footage taken today by Wiltshire Hunt Saboteurs shows the RAC Beagles blatantly hunting a hare near Sherston, Wiltshire.

The hunt was found by chance as a member of the group spotted the student hare-killing group meeting at Widley’s Farm whilst on a personal errand. Unequipped for normal sabotage, the quick-thinking sab was able to record the chase, with the hounds at this point coursing the hare only a few metres in front.

With sabs from Three Counties and Salisbury Plain groups nearby, the hunt was soon forced to pack up, potentially saving the lives of many other hares in the area.

The RAC Beagles are part of the Cirencester-based Royal Agricultural University, and are formed of wildlife abusing students. That a university should so openly endorse hare hunting – which has been illegal for 18 years – is utterly shameful.

The RAC Beagles regularly commit such wildlife crime, for instance in 2013 then-huntswoman of the pack, Libby Gilbert, even fled to the USA to avoid prosecution under Hunting Act following a court summons. When sabs have hit this hunt throughout the years since the Act, hare hunting has been witnessed every single time.

In a recent horrifying incident, RAU students even made headlines after filming themselves parading a dead fox strapped to the front of a car.

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