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Hunt saboteurs association Press Release March 10th 2013

Recently three men have been jailed after capturing themselves on camera committing sustained and horrific levels of animal cruelty in a case the RSPCA described as “the most disturbing” he has handled in 23 years.

The crimes came to the light after a Hunt Saboteur passed on photographic and video evidence, first to the League against Cruel Sports (LACS), who then handed it onto the RSPCA. Mark Wesley Smith, Liam Patrick Ardito and Gary Cannon, all from Grimsby, admitted setting their dogs on a trapped fox in a sickening cage fight on the town’s golf course, where they had posed as pest controllers.

But there was third unidentified man who was not located. We need to find this man urgently so he can face the same charges as the other men.
If you know this man please report his identity to the Police and RSPCA, if you feel unable to do this for reasons of personal safety please let the Hunt Saboteurs Association know the information and we will pass it onto the Police for you.

For all press enquiries, contact our Press Officer.

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