Hound killed on busy road during illegal fox hunt

Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release 25th October 2011


A hound from the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt was killed by a lorry, on the A38, South of Tewkesbury, today during an illegal fox hunt. Members of the Hunt Saboteurs Association who were present said the hunts pack of hounds were illegally chasing a fox when one of them ran straight into the road and was killed outright by a lorry that had no opportunity to stop. It was only the presence of the hunt saboteurs that prevented further fatalities as they were able to stop more hounds running into the road.


Lee Moon from the Hunt saboteurs Association said: “If, as the Hunts like to claim, they were trail hunting then what were they doing near such a busy road. The hunting community don’t care about the lives of either the hunted animals or the ones they employ to illegally chase them. The Cotswold Vale Farmers should be thanking the hunt saboteurs for preventing more of their hounds from being killed.”


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