The HSA’s popular HOWL magazine (originally ‘Hounds Off Our WildLife) has been in print since 1973. Here we have compiled our back copies to create an archive which documents the journey of the Hunt Saboteurs Association and hunt sabotage. HOWL magazine is free to members of the HSA.
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The HSA is forever grateful to legendary hunt sab and animal rights campaigner Mike Huskisson for his tireless work in scanning the entire archive of HOWL magazines. 

After Mike suffered a stroke in May 2021, he quickly alighted on the project as a way of continuing to contribute to the fight against blood sports. We are therefore proud to name the archive in his honour and send our very best wishes for his continued recovery!
 Mike has written an article about the project, which you can read here.



Huge thanks to veteran anti-hunt campaigner, Mike Huskisson, for this invaluable collection. Find out about Mike’s work at