HOWL: Hounds Off Wildlife!

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HOWL – the magazine of the Hunt Saboteurs Association – will be hitting the doormats of our thousands of members in the next week or so. As usual, it is packed with news from the front line in the fight against all blood sports.

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This forty-page edition features articles on a huge range of topics including: dealing with hunt ‘stewards’, the badger cull, grouse moors, and the long-standing connection between hunt sabbing and punk rock! It also contains our regular Group News updates, a look at our inspirational history in Back In The Day and many other items.

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All HOWL articles are written by active sabs exclusively for the magazine: you won’t find HOWL content anywhere else. And – in keeping with our grassroots, direct action ethos – the magazine is edited, designed, and distributed by a 100% volunteer team.

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HOWL is published three times a year and has been in continuous production since 1973, making it the oldest (and best!) animal rights magazine in the world. So, if you would like to start receiving HOWL please join the Hunt Saboteurs Association here.

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