HOWL 31 Winter 1985
p1 & 3 & 7 & 10: Devon sabotage festival
p2: Letters (John McLauchlin, Ralph Cook, K.A. Faulkner, Duggs Carre)
p4: Legal file: The police bill and hunt sabotage; Grouse moor injunctions. Protest raid on fish farm.
p5: Hon. Membership secretary report; Quotable quotes; Goathland Masters reprimanded by M.F.H.A.; Caption competition.
p6 & 13 & 14: Appeal Judge clears hunt saboteur (Harry Cross v East Devon Foxhounds).
p8: Group news.
p9: Tactics: Pre-meeting; pre-beating; false trails; scent dullers.
p10: A different kind of bloodsport. Anti-hunt attack on kennels (Dart Vale and Haldon Harriers) and car.
p11: News in brief: Huntsman with a conscience (Michael McNulty, Huntsman East Devon Foxhounds); Legal victory (sab and East Devon Foxhounds); Pandering to the public (London Zoo’s Ching Ching dies); No more pandering to the public (about BUAV AGM).
p12: Arson protest (Holcombe Hunt kennels); Miners save fox (Linlithgowshire and Stirlingshire Hunt); Saboteurs rip out angling match pegs; student sabs; Game Seasons (dates).
p13: Book Review: The Extended Circle.
p15: Sea Shepherd in defence of the Pilot whale in the Faroes. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
p16: Hunt Saboteur’s Association Committee page: H.S.A. Committee 1985/6; Salesgoods Dept.; Nazis infiltration of the H.S.A.; Tactics; Date for your diary; Fox Cubs (H.S.A. for children aged 7-14).


HOWL 32 Spring 1986
p1: Huntsman on Firearms charge (Nigel Cox, Albrighton Foxhounds).
p2: News: Car chase ends with a cheque from the Master (Anthony Selwyn Martyn, Glamorgan Foxhounds); Mounted police unit for Hampshire; Cup of good cheer (list of brewing companies with BFSS trade connections); SOS to fight poachers (Save Our Stags); New Forest Patrols (against deer poachers).
p3: News: Thugs on the loose (Surrey Union FH terrierman Adrian Thompson attacks sab, sab Gary Mallard suffered fractured skull at Cambridgeshire Foxhounds); Two appeals for help; Drivers wanted; Student Union success (Keele University pass motion – proposed by member of Federation of Conservative Students condemning ‘hunting with dogs’; Watch out, watch out (warning about Worcestershire hunt heavy Chris Salisbury); Wave of arrests fails to deter Scottish sabs.
p4: News: Anglers and Shooters fall out over dead swan; Hunt Havoc; Vehicles damaged (Eggesford Foxhounds supporter vehicles vandalised); Nature loving farmer poisons wildlife; Hire company not impressed (female hunter threatened Bath van hire company that if their van turned up again with sabs in it would be smashed up and run off road – company said it was none of her business who they rented theirs vans to and hung up).
p5: Strategy: The RSPCA first furs now fox hunts; Wickham seven.
p6: Strategy: All dressed up with nowhere to go?
p7: Strategy: The role of HSA.
p8: Strategy: And the other end of the country; Small group sabbing; The future; The present.
p9: Strategy: Confrontation; Circle of destruction; Keeping the group together; Sabbing alone – one sabs story.
p10: Group news: Wales; East; Midlands; South west.
p11: Group news: South.
p12: Group news: Scotland; North.
p13: Tactics & Equipment: Swamping; Using the whip.
p14: Tactics & Equipment: Scent killer; Positioning; Using the horn; Responsibility; Whips and the law; Home made whips.
p15: Using the whip.
p16: Forum: The mental battle; Police watch.
p17: News: Police negligence reaches new peak; Fox cubs; Murmurs from County Halls; New direct action
group formed in south (Southern Anti Bloodsports Society).
p18: Review: Quotable quotes.
p19: Review: Book review (The Animal Liberation Movement; The American Hunting Myth); Letter (Oxford Joe).
p20: Committee News. HSA Committee Elections 1986/7.


HOWL 80 Spring 2004
p3: Obituary – Henry Heap.
p4: Cover Story: Hare hunting, coursing & shooting banned in Northern Ireland. [Protection of hares – Angela Smith MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State. Ban lasts a year]; British Deer Society supporting Bateson findings on stress in hunted deer?
p5: Vinnie Jones pleads guilty to air-rage attack; Badger pie anyone? Hunts campaigners to ‘fight protesters’.
p5: News in Brief.
p6: Karma Police.
p6: Activists damage & destroy thousands of traps [Badger Cull]; Hunts deny baiting foxes; Hunt thug farmer jailed [Anthony Kirkham – Cheshire Foxhounds].
p7: Citronella approved by shooting brigade; shooting an ‘easy sport’; Fat lady’s not so fat wallet [Clarissa Dickson Wright forced to stand down from ruling council of the National Trust after being declared bankrupt].
p7: Karma Police.
p8: Hunting’s last hurrah? Is a ban on hunting really imminent or just another broken Labour promise?
p9: Government Badger Culling Suspended.
p10-11: Desperation Day. [Hunting Declaration].
p11: Huntsmans Balls.
p12-13: The National Anti Terrier-Work Campaign.
p13: Laws protecting wild animals.
p14: Letters.
p16: Hunt Havoc: Hounds run amok in animal sanctuary [Rainbow Animal Sanctuary – South and West Wiltshire Hunt]; again … hounds invade garden an cause damage [Shropshire]; and again … hunt invades McCartney Memorial Wood [St John’s Wood – Quantock Staghounds]; and again … hounds kill pet cat [West Somerset Vale Hunt].
p17: The H.S.A. is 40! Boom Boom!
p18-20: The History of the Hunt Saboteurs Association (Part II). A Quarter Century of Sabbing.
p20-27: Sabs speak! (Scary, but true).
p29: The Vegan Prisoner Support Group. Why you need to let us know before you land on “Go To Jail”.
p34-36: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.
p37: Legal News.


HOWL 81 Summer 2004
p3: Obituary – Dave “The Main Man” Parry.
p4: The South Cornwall FH – the last tally ho!: Hunt folds as Huntsman arrested for hound cruelty. [Steve Parkin]; Man is fined over fox killing [Stephen Scott].
p5: Cover Story: Lady cuts through the chase [Lady Maria Dunsany – Ward Union Stag Hunt]; Huntsman jailed for sex attacks [David Stephens – Four Burrow Hunt (a dedicated rider, not actual Huntsman)]; Tears at Royal shoot [St George’s Middle School, Dersingham].
p5-6: News in Brief: Running out of breath in the field?; 72% say Irish foxes should be protected; Otis Ferry [South Shropshire FH]; One fat lady shuts up……but not nearly enough [Clarrisa Dickson Wright bankrupt]; Uplifting experience [farmer damages landrover of shooters]; League under cover film stops Welsh hunt [Plas Machynlleth Foxhounds]; Labour peer, Baroness Golding appointed chairperson of the Countryside Alliance’s Campaign for Angling; Digging Out; Gamekeeper cleared on technicality; Whaley returns [Jeremy Whaley]; Sabbing rated number 4 in top ten [Loaded]; First person fined under Watson Act; Robotic Foxhounds [Zoran Kostic]; Gamekeeper convicted of persecuting protected raptor [Reg Cripps]; Illegal traps found on renowned estate [Cawdor estate].
p6: Anglers to face RSPCA inspection; Hunt causes damage and disruption [Warwickshire Hunt]; Four hedgehogs spared as cull begins [Uist hedgehog cull – Scottish Natural Heritage, RSPB, Scottish Executive].
p7: Hunt in doghouse over dog bite [Cheshire Hunt – Chris Owen]; Countryside Alliance banned [Great Hall of the Royal Courts of Justice – Jonny Wilkinson and Frankie Dettori supported fundraiser for the CA]; Hunt flouts rule to stay out of forest [Quantock Staghounds – Wind Down Forest – Hunt Master Enid Baker].
p7: Huntsmans Balls.
p8: Justice for Steve Christmas campaign update; Hare Coursing exposed [International Fund for Animal Welfare].
p8: Karma Police.
p9: Landowner hits out at Huntsmen [Cotswold Vale Hunt – Master Mrs Judy Pullen]; Hounds invade sanctuary [Rainbow Animal Sanctuary – South and West Wiltshire Hunt].
p10-11: Choo Choo Boo! Dorset sabs suffer new twist in bias policing. [Cattistock Hunt].
p12: Letters.
p13: The H.S.A. is 40! Boom Boom!
p14-16: The History of the Hunt Saboteurs Association (part III). 15 more years – The Battle continues.
p17-19: Sabs speak! (Scary, but true).
p20-21: The Open Door break through. [Saturday 22nd November 1975].
p22-23: Save Our Stags: saboteurs at the deer hunt by Ian Pedler.
p28-29: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.
p30-31: Legal News: Sussex police forced to apologise for officer’s abuse [PS Wilson, PC Ashley Sayers, PC Newman]; Juvenile protester cleared of attacking police [Chiddingfold Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt]; Legal Briefs.
p32-33: Shake your booty! [A review of footwear for sabs].


HOWL 82 Winter 2004
p3: Blood junkies get religion [Rod Brammer – The Free Church of Country Sports].
p4-5: Civil War? The gutter press and the redneck riot.
p5-6: News in Brief: Environment Agency hooks licence cheats; Challenge against Minister postponed [Angela Smith MP]; Scottish Council prevents school attending Countryside Alliance day; RNLI rescues helpless deer; Hunters down under seek fox bounty; Welsh first minister blocks appointment of pro-hunter; Pro-Hunt newspaper at war with C.A. [Western Daily Press]; West Ham score own goal [Ken Hand, Huntsman Essex Farmers and Union Foxhounds]; Boar and Mink numbers; Barry Peachey rears his head again; Grouse numbers down; TESCO to sell Whale meat; MADonna wins estate battle [Ashcombe House estate].
p6: New National Shooting Hotline launched [0845 225 0486]; Two Scottish Hunts in financial trouble [Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt and Eglinton Hunt]; Coventry Animal Alliance Jill’s Day: 5 Feb 2005;
More hunts fold [Mid-Essex Beagles, The Holme Valley and Ecclesfield Beagles to amalgamate, The North Pennine Foxhounds]; Court tells hunt to silence hounds [Isle of Wight Hunt]; Welsh hole diggers competition [Llangeinor].
p7: Huntsmans Balls.
p8: Karma Police.
p8: Changing views of a much loved Home-secretary! [David Blunkett MP votes for Middle Way].
p9: Legal challenge over RSPB trespass.
p9: Badger killers.
p10: Letters.
p11: The HSA was 40.
p12-13: Punks and Sabs Unite and Win – the benefit of benefit gigs.
p13: Obituary – Andrew Sewell (Stig).
p14: Dunn and Dusted. Grouse shoot sab 14 August 2004. [David Dunn – Country Watch UK].
p15: Bumpkins B Right On [hunt protest Labour Party Conference, Brighton, 26th September 2004, members of the Isle of Wight Hunt dump carcasses around the town].
p16-18: Steve’s Story. Or how to get away with attempted murder (allegedly). [Steve Christmas – Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Foxhounds].
p18: Memories of a Granny Sab. [Sylvia D].
p19: Weirdos in Waistcoats. The shocking truth about mink hunting. [Strip cartoon].
p24: Legal News: Criminal Justice Act 2003; Hunt Saboteur awarded damages for assault by police [Garth and South Berks Hunt – Thames Valley police].
p25: Legal Briefs.
p26-28: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.
p28: Poisoning. [By gamekeepers].
p29: Did you know? … Harrier Facts.


HOWL 83 Summer 2005
p3: Cops to record wildlife crimes.
p4: The Hunting Ban. Class War?
p5: Tesco’s to withdraw whale meat; Gamekeepers who broke up illegal rave jailed; Trophy hunters in sanctuary killing [LACS]; Dodgy judgement [Judge David Selwood – convicted of downloading child pornography, Judge Roger Davies – accused of paying rent boys for sex].
p5: News in Brief: Fishermen fined by Environment Agency; Tabasco Lettuce; Compensation for hunt staff?; Police violence in Parliament Square; Broise acquitted yet again; Arson attack blamed on pro-hunters [Exeter to Waterloo rail line].
p6: Sabs rescue beagles from A-road & railway [Stour Valley beagles]; Heroic LACS supporter saves hunted stag [Quantock Staghounds – Alfoxton Sanctuary]; C.A. Director sells ‘death trips’ [Sir Edward Dashwood]; Stripper claims assault by Huntsman [Darren Foxley – Brecon & Talybont Foxhounds].
p6: News in Brief: Sea Shepherd crew attacked at Seal hunt; Special Branch recruit informers; Badgers to be DNA profiled; Dead foxes dumped at Sanctuary gate [Llanfrechfa sanctuary]; Huntsman found not guilty in Scotland.
p7: Badger protesters fight on!; Magistrates ordered to enforce ban or resign; Commons raider guilty of firearms charge [David Redvers]; Hunts targeted marginal seats at election.
p7: Huntsmans Balls.
p8: Police unable to enforce Hunting Ban?!
p8: Karma Police.
p9: Anti Poaching laws to be lifted?; Tough warning to illegal hare coursers [Operation Dornier]; National Hare Coursing venue attacked [Powerstown Park Racecourse, Clonmel]; First Huntsman to emigrate after Ban [Jason Marles].
p9: Hunt Havoc: Mid-Devon kill a deer…; South Notts accused of pet killing; Yet more beagles killed on roads [Wye College Beagles]; Hunt trespass [Cotley Harriers].
p10-11: Letters.
p12-13: Ban Day Plus One. Saturday 19 february 2005.
p14-15: The pen is mightier than the sword?
p15: Badgering ‘til the end. [Badger Cull].
p16-17: A week in the life of The Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Officer.
p18-19: Hunting and the Military.
p20: Bumpkin Gate Guarding. Out Now!
p26-27: Lamping.
p27: The unacceptable face of hunt protest?
p28: Legal News: Wiltshire cops cough a big wad! [Shoot sabbed].
p29: Legal Briefs.
p30-32: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.


HOWL 84 Winter 2005
p3: Staghunting loophole is illegal. [Two hounds hunting in relay].
p4: How will Britains mammals finally find protection?
p5: All bids to challenge the ban fail; Sottish legal challenge discontinued; Nine Law Lords confirm Ban is legal; Sabs video footage leads to arrests; Deer can be shot over the Internet.
p5: News in Brief: Charity rejects donation from bird killers; Commons protesters guilty [Otis Ferry plus 7 others]; Liverpool footballer bans the hunt [Djibril Cisse]; C.A. still pleading for more money; Surf and raise funds for Dogs Trust; Government to keep details secret.
p6: Change to Shooting Licences [Sparrows and Starlings removed, Canada geese added]; Badger cull sabotaged in South West; Hunt supporters disrupt steam train [Supporters from Derwent, Sinnington, Glaisdale and Saltersgate Farmers hunts protest against Lawrie Quinn MP]; Hunt Treasurer accused of theft [Naomi Tamzin Barrett – Axe Vale Hunt Supporters Club].
p6: News in Brief: New Forest Huntsman charged [Paul Woodhouse – New Forest Animal Protection Group, Ron White]; Partridges set free; Hawk board amends its constitution [Fox, deer and mink are unsuitable quarry]; F.C. allows just one hunt on its land [New Forest Foxhounds]; Bad cop – No doughnut; Christmas comes but once a year?
p7: New top cop soft on toffs [Chief Constable Colin Port – Avon and Somerset police]; Nightime lamping catastrophe; Shooters in yet more firearms offences; Westminster eight – guilty! [Otis Ferry plus 7 others].
p7: Huntsmans Balls.
p8: Irish hunters becoming nervous; Let the in-fighting begin; Lord launches hunt coup [County Limerick Hunt]; Gassy Duke threatens wildlife [Duke of Northumberland].
p8: Karma Police. [inc. Vinnie Faal suffering broken pelvis falling from horse with the Cheshire Forest Foxhounds].
p9: Are you hitting on my mates bird?; Badger TB vaccine trial launched; Hunt Master in gun cock up [Dominic Jones – Tiverton Staghounds]; Order to shut kennels.
p10: Letters.
p12-12: Targeting Shooters.
p14-16: Watch it! [Monitoring hunts with video cameras].
p17-18: Hunting Act 2004 … hands up who’s read it? {Details of the Act].
p19: (Still) Thugs, wreckers and bullies! Bumpkins nicked last season…
p20: HSA AGM 2005.
p20: ‘Glorious 12th’ 2005 Report.
p22-23: Hunting and the M.O.D.
p24-25: Countryside All Liars?
p26: Legal News: Hunt Master pleads guilty to assault [Simon James Upton – Essex Foxhounds].
p26: Legal Briefs.
p28-31 plus p23: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.
p32: Save Our Stags: 100 Years of opposition to Britain’s most controversial blood sport by Ian Pedler.


HOWL 85 Summer 2006
p3: Harrier pack bites the dust [Aldenham Harriers].
p4: Midlands sabs held in wild west standoff [ Worcestershire Hunt]; Irish Farmer gives hunt both barrels [Kilkenny Hunt]; Morrissey takes a stand; Hunt supporter fined over Labour Party demo [Simon Evans]; Badger baiting squaddie jailed [Craig Trevelyan].
p5: Holidaymaker faced with guns at beauty spot [Gogerddan Hunt]; Villagers seek ASBO to keep off their land [Cotswold Hunt]; Hunters turn on each other [Cattistock Hunt].
p5: Karma Police.
p6: Sheffield sabs produce new sabbing zine [‘Bite Back’]; Sale of bullet making machines to end; BASC calls for ban on battery cages; C.A. falls foul of the A.S.A. for the second time.
p6: News in Brief: Further link between child abuse and animal abuse; Rat joins sinking ship [Richard Bowker]; Fox hunter now leads Tory party [David Cameron]; UCSW members in court challenge.
p7: The Pigeon Feeders – a new fantasy A/R novel; Ole red wins public vote!; Shooters ‘most wanted pests’ outrage; Kennel Huntsman accused of cruelty [Phillip Simmonds – Trinity Foot and South Herts Beagles].
p8: Effects of ban being felt across the Channel; Hare Coursing suspended in Northern Ireland again.
p8-9 Hunt Havoc: Hounds kill pet pygmy goat [East Cornwall Hunt]; Rescue drama as hounds plunge over cliff [East Cornwall Hunt]; Hound dies on road chasing fox [Cotswold Hunt]; Village shock after hunt invasion [Cattistock Hunt]; Hounds kill pet Llama [Modbury Harriers]; Hounds savage pregnant fox on golf course [Surrey Union Hunt]; Hunt invades National Trust land [Percy Hunt].
p9: Huntsmans Balls.
p10: Letters.
p10: Obituaries – Donald Watson, founding father of the vegan movement; Tony Banks.
p12-13: The future of Shooting – whose arguing with who?
p13: New Alliance Sab smear campaign.
p14: Who is ‘Felix the Fox’? [Rupert Sturgis].
p15: The Brown Hare.
p15: Hare Coursers – no friends of the Police?
p16: Hunting with Birds of Prey – last years publicity stunt?
p17: Focus on … Essex.
p22-23: Tales from far ‘a Field’. [The Field].
p23: Hunting situation in Scotland/Ireland.
p24: Legal News: Legal Briefs.
p25: The Truth is out there. Letter from Jonny Ablewhite.
p26-27: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.
p28-29: Dealing with the Press.


HOWL 86 Winter 2006
p4-7: Cannibal terrier man jailed [Anthony Pearce – South Devon Hunt]; Magistrate convicted of poaching [Stephen Furniss]; Stallholders fined for displaying offensive Blair T-shirts; Queen’s Gamekeeper faces charges [Dean Wright]; Devon hunt fanatic guilty of assaulting hunt monitor [Christopher Marles – Devon and Somerset Staghounds]; Councillor guilty of killing gull; First police action for alleged breach of Hunting Act [Devon and Somerset Staghounds]; Cameron’s favourite hunt facing police probe [Heythrop Hunt]; Northampton police make arrests under Hunting Act; Internal rift may force hunt to close [Carmarthenshire Hunt]; Countryside Alliance loses yet another legal battle; Sabs (and hunts) receive ‘Icon’ status; Racing subsidies costing Irish taxpayers 60m euros a year; New private pack to begin hunting – or are they? [Roddy Fleming (nephew of Ian Fleming)]; All his Hart could desire [Simon Hart joins Conservative party].
p5: Karma Police.
p6: News in brief: Hunter fined for attacking LACS sanctuary [Robert Chiplin]; Has-been rockers do benefit gig for the C.A. [Bryan Ferry, Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, Mike Rutherford, Georgie Fame]; DNA profiling used to catch dog mutilators; National Trust vote to relax ban on Stag Hunting.
p7: Hunt Havoc: Staghounds savage pet Jack Russell [Tiverton Staghounds]; Flock of Alpacas attacked by hounds [Oakley Foxhounds]; Halloween horror in Taunton [Taunton Vale Fox Hounds].
p8: Letters.
p9: Reports slams shoots over ancient woodlands.
p10-12: Sabs and Sea Dogs aboard the Sea Shepherd.
p13: Over the Pond. Hunt Sabbing in bush country. [Sabbing in America].
p14-16: Gizmos – how to make one!
p17: One rule for them … [Douglas Barrington Hill – Essex Farmers’ and Union Hunt Joint Master].
p18-19: There when it counts. Interview with a Hunt Monitor.
p22-23: ‘spare some change, m’lud?’ Or how the Countryside Alliance continues to throw bad money after bad on legal challenges to the Hunt Ban.
p24-25: Legal News: Legal briefs.
p26, 27, 29: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.
p28: The East Sussex 7.


HOWL 87 Summer 2007
4-6: News Round Up: AOHS [Association of Hunt Saboteurs (the Irish equivalent to the HSA)] ‘No Fun For Hunt Scum’; Dawn raids on Isle of Wight Hunt kennels; War of words over stag death; Otis’ dad as mental as his Hunt junkie son; Birds of Prey loophole breaks law claims QC; Campaigners turn fox hunt protest into performance art; ‘Another accidental’ killing the police investigate [Puckeridge Hunt]; Sea Shepherd heads North to protect whales; AR2007 International Animal Rights Gathering.
p6: Huntsmans Balls
p7: Karma Police.
p8-9: Hunt Havoc: Locals want notice of hunts arrival [Limerick Harriers Hunt]; First they bag alpacas, now they go for a stag [Oakley Hunt]; Hunt trespass on SSSI site [Cattistock Hunt]; Hunt accused of recklessly endangering horses [Essex Farmers and Union Hunt]; Hunt investigated after claims they hunted muntjac; Foxhounds cause mayhem in village [Vine and Craven Hunt]; Huntings elite still happy to be killing wildlife [Duke of Beaufort hunt]; Hounds rip yet another pet cat to pieces [Newry Harriers]; Hounds run amok in village [Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt]; Nesting birds terrified by marauding hounds [Heythrop Hunt]; Hunt invades Norfolk animal sanctuary [PACT – West Norfolk Foxhounds].
p10-11: Keep Campaigning!
p12-13: Book Review: From Dusk til Dawn by Keith Mann.
p14-15: Auckland Animal Action. [Duck hunting sabotage].
p18-19: Legal News: Guilty Quantock Staghunters convicted. The League vs. Richard Down & Adrian Pillivant.
p22-25: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.


HOWL 88 Winter 2007/8
p4-7: News Round Up: Widdecombe makes first move to tighten ‘ban’; Rain stops play at Game Fair; HSBC promises to help law breakers; Three otters die in illegal trap; Attempts to smear League Against Cruel Sports fail; Appeal Court victory for Animal Aid campaigners; Pheasants under fire; Greyhounds ‘doped with cocaine’; Birds of Prey persecuted by Game Keepers; Attack on mink [coordinated by BASC]; Badger Cull – groundhog day strikes again; Killer Kate continues Royal ‘relationship’ with wildlife.
p8: Karma Police: Ex-master charged with race cheating [Charles Gundry – Middleton Hunt]; Teenager dies in shooting accident.
p9: The HSA on MySpace.
p10-12: That was then … this is now. [Two old hands reflect on how the sabbing world has changed].
p13: Appeal for Mike Hill cattery at Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre.
p14-15: Failed Quantock Staghunters appeal. Otherwise known as ‘How the hunters lost in court. Again.’
p15: League Against Cruel Sports Prosecutions Unit.
p16-17: Legal News: Huntsman of Percy Hunt guilty on badger charge; Falconry Exemption to be tested in court [Isle of Wight Fox Hounds]; Bloodsports supporter guilty of assault; Hampshire landowner investigated over badger killing; Man fined in Hunting Act ‘first’; Anti-fur campaigner faces prison over seal cull film; Minehead Harriers members face Hunting Act trial; Fine for gamekeeper who kept stock of banned pesticides.
p18: UK Animal Rights Gathering.
p19: International Animal Rights Gathering.
p21: Obituaries – Mhairi Noble; Neil Lea; Peter Jack.
p22-23: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.
p24: Grouse shoot sabbing!


HOWL 89 Summer 2008
p4-8: News Round Up: RSPB support shooting birds; Surrey Union caught in the act by monitors; Irish Masters of Foxhounds Association suspends two hunts [Avondu Foxhounds and Ormond Foxhounds]; Sea Shepherd crew members kidnapped; Boar hunting an adrenaline high for blood junkies; Scottish Ministers reject snare ban plea; More ducks killed by DEFRA; British bird soon to be extinct; Sea Shepherd Captain ‘shot by Japanese Whalers’; More deaths at the Grand National; Grouse shooting returning to moor [Ilkley Moor]; International anti-hunting demo; Canadian Mounties seize Sea Shepherd Farley Mowat; Mass opposition to the slaughter of Welsh Badgers.
p8: Karma Police: Arthur the Labrador shoots hunter; Blood sports fanatic dies in fall from her horse [Sheila Castle – Dunston Harriers].
p9: Hunt Havoc: £4000 damage by rampaging Bicester hounds; Crawley and Horsham hunt hounds killed and injured on busy road; Hunt kills fox in empty Northamptonshire house [Grafton Foxhounds]; Cottesmore hounds storm villagers house; Hunting hound killed on road [Britannia Beagles].
p10-11: Wildlife Killing they call it culling.
p12-13: Grouse Shooting!
p15: Prosecution Round Up.
p16-17: Legal News: Anger over “heavy handed” arrests [Meynell and South Staffordshire hunt]; Cruel jockey banned from racing for three months [Eddie Ahern]; Hunt hounds ‘must have leads’; Police raid on highland estate exposes illegal poisoning; hunt banned from Forestry Commission land [Isle of Wight Hunt]; Saboteurs acquitted after shoot is deemed illegitimate.
p18-19: Talking to the Police.
p20-22: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.


HOWL 90 Autumn 2008
p4-6: News Round Up: Benn rule out Badger Culling; Welsh Assembly still not ruling out a Badger Cull; Bull Fighting protest; Majority of rural and Tory voters want Hunt Ban to remain; Japan seeks to arrest Sea Shepherd anti-Whaling activists; Reading Greyhound Stadium to close; Anti Hunt demo in Birmingham; RSPCA withdraws from Crufts show; Sabs breach security at Bradford council offices [against Grouse shooting]; Ilkley Moor grouse shooting lease to be reviewed.
p7: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.
p8-10: Shoot to Kill. Our new Shooting leaflet is out now, get them in your sights.
p12-13: Legal News: Hunting Act removed from police manual; Rise in crimes against birds of prey; Elin Jones [Rural Affairs Minister in Wales] misses TB information deadline; Record penalty for grouse moor estate [Glenogil]; Otis Ferry the outspoken animal abuser remanded in prison; Hunt supporter admits common assault [Christopher Marles – East Devon Foxhounds]; Another hunt supporter guilty of violence [Dennis Lough Scott – Heythrop Foxhounds].
p14-15: Book Review: Save our Stags by Ian Pedler.
p17: Hunt Havoc: Boys pet cat killed by hunting dog; Women left terrified after hounds attack [Isle of Wight Foxhounds].
p17: Karma Police.
p18: Cyber sabbing.
p18: Ilkley Moor campaign to stop Grouse shooting.
p19: The Gory Twelfth. Grouse Shoot Sab – August 30th 2008.


HOWL 91 Winter 2008/9
p4-9: News Round Up: Grey squirrels under attack; RSPCA says litter louts are killing wildlife; ‘Stink’ attack on Japanese Whalers; Teenager dies from gunshot wound at Northants hunt kennels [Grafton Hunt]; Supermarkets push game sales; Labour MP shoots pheasants [Martin Salter]; Oxford torture Lab officially opens; Gamekeeper murdered outside home; Boxing Day brutality; Conservationist hits out at duck cull; Stag escapes from County Meath hunt by swimming River Boyne [Ward Union Hunt]; Harbour seals numbers in decline; Abattoir goes into administration [Cig Cibyn]; Equanimal sabotage shoots; Elephants in captivity die young; FAWC game bird report; Prince Charles filmed shooting pheasants at Sandringham; Member of the Beaufort Hunt killed [riding fall]; Country Life magazine calls for cull of deer; National Trust slaughter goats; New Forest hounds cock-up.
p10-11: Making the Act more POWA-ful. [Protect Our Wild Animals]. Hunting (Amendment) Bill – at a glance guide.
p12: Legal News: North Wales PCs sentenced for kicking pet dogs; Valuable beagles stolen from Ireland’s oldest beagle club; Otis Ferry freed; ‘Illegal threat’ to hen harriers, warns Natural England.
p13: HSA position on strengthening the Act.
p17: The day Otis was helped to freedom! [Otis the fox rescued from Ledbury Foxhounds by Hunt Saboteurs].
p18-20: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.
p21: Fox Project Appeal.
p23: Book Review: Bad Hare Days by John Fitzgerald.
p25: Hunt Havoc: Easton Harriers kill pet cat; Killinick Harriers kill pet cat.
p27: Obituary – Mick Ross.


HOWL 92 Summer 2009
p4-7: News Round Up: Wallabies culled on Loch Lomond island; Dispute over culling of magpies; Campaign to close Belle Vue stadium; Campaign launched to end Greyhound racing in Nottingham; H+M Boss owns huge Shooting and Fishing Estate; Conservatives commit to Badger Cull; Ospreys entangled in fishing line; March for Animals in Laboratories Day in Chile; Fox cub rescued from snare; World Day for Animals in Laboratories; Activists paid thousands in compensation by Kent police [Live Exports – Dover Docks].
p8-10: Hunting in the Lakes and Opposition to it.
p11: Crawley and Horsham hunt drop injunction proceedings.
p12: Legal News: ACPO spokesperson admits the hunting ban is not a priority.
p16-17: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.
p18-19: Grey squirrel persecution.
p21: Hunt Havoc: Woman traumatised as hounds run amok [Essex Farmers and Union Hunt]; Elderly cat killed by hunting dogs [Co. Meath]; Cornwall hunt hounds disembowel pet cat [Western Hunt]; Apology over out-of-control hounds [Holderness Hunt].


HOWL 93 winter 2009
p2-3: LUSH Soap Saviours. The story of how a High St. soap retailer ended up supporting the ‘soap dodgers association’ … in their own words.
p5: Welsh badger cull.
p8-9: What to expect on your first day out sabbing.
p14: Legal News: Hunt protesters get police payout [Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt – Derbyshire Police]; ACPO police investigators manual October 2009.
p16-17: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.
p19-22: News Round Up: Two sabs run down by huntsmen [Tedworth Hunt]; Impaled hound left to die; Wickham Lab loses bid for new rural site; Illegal wild animal dealing; Campaign to close Noahs Ark Zoo; Tories determined to overturn hunting ban; Recession hits pheasant shoots; Hunt havoc film; The secret world of duck shooting; Campaign against Lab rabbit dealers.


HOWL 94 spring 2010
p4-6: News Round Up: Japanese vessel sinks anti-whaling boat; Beaver plans outrage blood sports enthusiasts; Temporary shooting ban [waterfowl in Ireland]; Deer cull has failed, admits National Trust; Labour U-turn on banning battery hens; Charity Commission bans charity ‘Cruel Tory’ advert; Looks like it’s curtains for Coventry [greyhound stadium]; Otters drown in illegal traps; ‘Badger shoot’ protest over cull.
p7: Hunt Havoc: Beaufort hounds killed on railway line; Worcestershire hounds chase fox through housing estate; Ward Union hunt case RTA.
p8-9: Getting fit for sabbing.
p10: Legal News: Judicial Review hoped to halt badger cull; Hunting Act doesn’t breach human rights; Legal action taken over monkey photo.
p16-21: Hunt sabs and the Law: part 1. [The Legal landscape; Aggravated Trespass; Section 68; Trespassing and the definition of “Land”; Definition of “Lawful Activity” and “Adjoining Land”; What constitutes “Doing Something”?; Intent; Section 69.
p22-23: Hunt violence and how to avoid it.
p25: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.


HOWL 95 summer 2010
p4-6: News Round Up: Partial victory for whales at IWC talks; Northern Ireland bans Hare Coursing; May Bank Holiday demo at Noah’s Ark [Zoo Farm]; Sea Shepherd’s Captain Bethune in Japanese prison; Ex Hunt Sab [Chris Williamson] becomes Council leader; Plans for ‘super dairy’ scrapped; Cornwall’s squirrels in danger; Callous slaughter of Norfolk hares [Raveningham Estate shoot].
p8-9: Badgers under threat.
p10-11: Legal News: James Gray locked up at last; Peterborough cops crushing hare coursers’ vehicles; Gamekeeper dies from strychnine poisoning; Hunt for wildlife killer in Derbyshire.
p12-17: Hunt sabs and the Law: part 2. [What activities does HA outlaw?; Exempt Hunting; Does the HA work? Can it work?].
p23: Caution – Larsen Traps About.
p25: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.
p27: Obituary – Carl Robinson.


HOWL 96 winter 2010
p4-5: News Round Up: Beaters from Essex shoot hospitalised; Animal Aid reveals the truth about British Abattoirs; League expands Baronsdown sanctuary; Hunt Chairperson found dead; Squirrel hunter killed; Bullfight chaos; Zoo exposed by CAPS is to close [Tweddle Farm].
p6-7: Give us a shout on yer way out! [Making out a will to the HSA].
p8-9: Do Foxes need Culling? [Fox population dynamics say no].
p10: Hunting Act Convictions.
p11: Legal News: Vicious attack on anti-hunt protesters [Chilmark and Clifton Foot Beagle hunt]; Possible ban on hunting animals in Israel, Ward Union Hunt will continue despite ban; SHAC campaigners sentenced to prison.
p20-21: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.
p22-23: More than just a sab limo. Land Rovers look meaner when dirty. Apart from that what has the Land Rover got that other vehicles lack?
p27: Obituary – Nick Beal.


HOWL 97 Spring 2011
p4-6: News Round Up: Fox killed by Crawley and Horsham Hunt; Mendip Farmers hounded out of Chewton Mendip; Head injury kills hatless rider [Lauderdale Hunt]; Welsh Hunt Master dies in riding accident; Three injured Huntsmen; Good news for greyhounds; Error on WAG [Welsh Assembly Government]; Fox trapping vet [Keith Talbot]; Tory MPs betray their hunt scum buddies; Fox shoots hunt scum.
p7: Take Control. Making a soft handled whip.
p8-9: I wonder weather they’ll be out? [Hunting and sabbing in the snow].
p10: Prosecution Round Up.
p11: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.
p12-13: Navigation. [A guide to using a map, grid references, compass etc.].
p20-24: Hunt sabs and the Law: part 3. [Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Legislation; Demonstrations; Information Stalls & Street Collections; Leafleting].


HOWL 98 Summer 2011
p5: News Round Up: Forestry Commission shoots baby boars; Guilty fox hunter dies of head injuries; Badger vaccine pilot planned by National Trust; The brothers grim; Gamekeeper kills girlfriend.
p6: Prosecution Round Up.
p7: Killing fields. Norfolk hare shoot. [Raveningham Estate 5th February 2011]
p8-9: Money Money Money. A sab guide to organising a benefit gig.
p10-11: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.
p12-13: Is map reading the easy option?
p22-25: Hunt sabs and the Law: part 4. [Stop & Search; Stop & Account; Power of Arrest; Power to require people to remove face coverings; The powers to stop a vehicle on a Highway; Power to require people to give their details; If you are driving a vehicle on a highway; If you have been arrested; Intelligence gathering].


HOWL 99 autumn 2011
p4-5: News Round Up: More violence against Hunt Saboteurs; Lancashire hunt witnessed chasing hare; Cotswold Vale hound killed on busy road; Paris World Vegan Day; Richmond Park; Hunt pay compensation (Modbury Harriers).
p6-7: Sea Sabs. Sea Shepherd and the Hunt Sabs.
p8: Hunting Act Convictions.
p9: Hounds Off.
p10-11: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.
p12-13: Soap Dodgers? [Hunt Saboteurs invited to Lushfest 2011].
p20-21: Born to Run [65 mile sponsored run for sab group]
p24-25: The Black Fish – the marine wildlife needs us!

HOWL 100

HOWL 100 Spring 2012
p4-5: Badger News Special: Badger Trust launch legal challenge to the Cull; VIVA! unearths evidence that hunts may spread bovine TB; Welsh Badger Cull scrapped.
p6: Our Committee or how stuff gets done.
p7: Press.
p9: Sabbing the New Forest Buckhounds 1991-’97. Joe Hashman.
p10-11: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.
p18-21: Hunt sabs and the Law: part 5. [What are the Police like?; How then should we deal with the Police?; Examples of Non-cooperation with the Police; The limits of Non-cooperation with the Police; Voluntary exceptions to Non-cooperation with the Police; Giving your details; Stop and Search; Video Cameras; Being stopped in a vehicle].

HOWL 101

HOWL 101 autumn 2012
p4-5: News Round Up: Why won’t the EU let us vaccinate our cattle?; Opposition to Animal Research is growing; Why is LUSH worried about wildlife?; Ramsgate protests; CIWF award for intensive pig farm.
p6-7: Culling in the name of … Stop The Cull.
p8: Hunting Act Convictions.
p9: Trauma support. [Activist Trauma Support].
p10: “I haven’t done anything wrong, what have I got to hide?” [Animal Rights National Index; National Public Order Intelligence Unit; National Extremism Tactical Co-ordination Unit; National Domestic Extremism Unit].
p11: Facebook.
p12-13: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.

HOWL 102

HOWL 102 Spring 2013 [Page numbering erratic]
p4-5: News Round Up: Kent Huntsman sent to prison for eight months; The Black Fish to use technological innovation to expose illegal driftnets; Drones to be used against illegal hunting by LACS; Cattistock Hunt Field Master dies from head injury; Carmarthenshire fox killed by hounds; World Day for Animals in Labs 2013.
p6-7: Short Miserable Lives. The sad reality of life as a hunting hound.
p8: Hunting Act Convictions.
p9: Vermin Patrol. Cruelty cases in the Courts.
p12-13: On the receiving end. Hunt violence and how to cope.
p22-23: The life of a Horse.
p10-11: Not your typical Hunt Saboteur.

HOWL 103

HOWL 103 Winter 2013 [Format change]
p4-5: 50 Years 50 Hare Hunts.
p6-9: Early days of the HSA. A personal view by former HSA Secretary Dave Wetton.
p10-11: Killing the Cull.
p12: Beagling: a dying sport. [“In 1975 there were 83 registered beagle packs and 10 basset packs…In 2013 there are 67 beagle packs a 8 basset packs.”]
p20: Beaglers on the run – the diary of a hunt sab.
p21: Hunt Prosecutions.
p22-23: The ‘Open Door’ breakthrough. [Events from Friday 7th November 1975 to the date Open Door was broadcast – Saturday 22nd November 1975].
p27: Obituary – Jo Robertson (Jo Badger).

HOWL 104

HOWL 104 Spring 2014
p2: Life begins at 50! [Hunt Saboteurs 50 years 1963-2013].
p4-5: Hunting down the Hare Hunters.
p6: The Bitter taste of Hunting. [The online campaign against pubs that welcome hunt meets].
p7: Fox Away!
p8-9: Zero Tolerance. Animal Liberation Human Liberation. The HSA identifies with the aims and objectives of antifa.
p10-11: Hunt Saboteurs Global Network. [inc. Sea Lion cull at the Bonneville dam on the Columbia River, USA].
p12-13: Battered…but the fox got away! [Hunt violence, Southdown and Eridge Foxhounds].
p23: Hunt Prosecutions.

HOWL 105

HOWL 105 Summer 2014
p2: My first mink hunt sab by a badger cull activist.
p4-5: Summer sabbing with the Mink Hounds.
p6-7: Into the unknown: The Scottish Seal Cull.
p8: No justice – just us. [Southdown & Eridge Fox Hunt].
p10-11: Sabbing a hare shoot, a personal view.
p24: You’re Never too Old! by West Sussex Hunt Sabs.
p27: Obituary – Nancy Phipps.

HOWL 106

HOWL 106 Autumn 2014
p2: Sabs save trapped badger!
p4-5: The Scottish Seal Cull Phase 2.
p6-7: Focus on: Bassets.
p8-9: Summer 2014 Mink Campaign.
p18-19: Hunt Saboteurs Global Network.
p20-21: Borneo adventure. [Matang Wildlife Centre].
p22: Skydivin’ Sab.
p22: The Lighter Side …
p23: The HSA Committee: It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.

HOWL 107

HOWL 107 Spring 2015
p4-6: Alston Hare Week 2014.
p7: Flights of Fancy: The Bird of Prey Exemption.
p8: Named & Shamed. North Cotswold Hunt. Feeding the Foxes.
p27: Obituary – Stan Jurczyk.

HOWL 108

HOWL 108 Summer 2015
p4-5: Severn Vale Hare Week 2015 Sabotaged.
p6-7: Not Guilty! The Guildford Four. [Surrey Union Hunt, Judge Turner, Redhill Magistrates Court March 25 2015]
p22-23: Slaughter in Malta. Volunteering for the Committee Against Bird Slaughter in Malta, Spring 2014-2015.
p24-25: 2015 Seal Guardian Campaign.

HOWL 109

HOWL 109 Autumn 2015
p4-5: Bad Hare day for Oxford hunters. [Christ Church & Farley Hill Beagles leveret hunting in Northumberland in early September].
p6-8: Tooth & Claw debate: Raptors. [Norfolk and Norwich Festival. Featuring Mark Avery, Jake Fiennes, Robin Page chaired by Mark Cocker.
p15: Karma Police.
p16-17: Prosecute the Atherstone Hunt. West Midlands Hunt Sabs.

HOWL 110

HOWL 110 Spring 2016
p4-5: Beleaguered Beaglers cancel Alston Hare Week.
p6-7: Rise of the Scottish Hunt Sabs.
p8-9: The Under Cover Policing Inquiry.
p10: Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow? Hare Preservation Trust.
p21: Karma Police.
p22-23: Prosecute the Atherstone Hunt. West Midlands Hunt Sabs.
p25: Book Review: Outfoxed Take Two by Mike Huskisson.

HOWL 111

HOWL 111 Summer 2016
p4-6: Mud, Sweat and Fears. New Sabs accounts of their first Seasons.

HOWL 112

HOWL 112 Autumn 2016
p4-6: Hunt Sabotage: Class War or Animal Rights?
p13: News from Planet Badger.
p14-16: Fundraising, the HSA way!
p16: Skydivin’ Sab.

HOWL 113

HOWL 113 Spring 2017
p4-6: Shut your Trap! and Snip that Snare.
p20-23: Piss Poor Excuses. How Beagle packs pretend to trail hunt,
p24: The Keyboard Warrior.

HOWL 114

HOWL 114 Spring 2017
p4-5: Sustainability Shot to Shit. How the Shooting industry damages woodland Ecosystems.
p6-8: In the hunt UNDERCOVER part I.
p19: The Keyboard Warrior. How to cause havoc to the hunting community from the safety of your own home.
p20-21: Unmasked: Phillip Davies of the Countryside Alliance.
p22-23: Game Bird Rearing. Factory Farming in the name of Sport.
p24-25: Five (Groups) go Mad on the Island. Eton Blighted. Isle of Wight Foxhounds. [Brighton, Croydon, Southampton, South Coast, Isle of Wight sabs].

HOWL 115

HOWL 115 Autumn 2017
p4-5: Hunt Sabotage Down Under. Introducing Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs.
p6: Not to be Trusted: Michael Bax [Chairman of Kent Wildlife Trust, lifelong hunter].
p14-15: Scotland’s Sab Camp. The first Hunt Sab Training Camp on Scottish soil.
p16-17: Sabs saved my life. [Mark had a heart attack whilst out sabbing the Surrey Union].
p18-19: The sad demise of the Atherstone Hunt.
p20-21: Pimping our Sab Van. [South Coast Hunt Sabs].
p22-24: Respect Existence or Expect Resistance.
p27: Obituary – Mary Faramus.

HOWL 116

HOWL 116 Spring 2018
p4-5: 14,567 reasons to sab the cull.
p6-7: The Whipping. [East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt, rider Jane Miller]
p8-9: Scottish Sab Festival. 4 hunts, 3 days, 2 cameras and 1 interview with a Huntsman!
p10-12: In the hunt UNDERCOVER part II.
p13-14: Mud, Sweat & Gears: A Navigator’s Story.
p25-26: Compiegne Stag Do.
p27-28: Funding for Court Cases.
p31: Obituary – Sue Hardie.

HOWL 117

HOWL 117 Summer 2018
p4-5: It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to. Sabs give Mike Smith [Old Berkeley Beagles Huntsman] the send-off he deserves.
p6-7: Ladders & Larsens. Severn Vale Hunt Saboteurs examine these lesser-known but lethal traps.
p8-9: Hares, Hounds & Red Herrings. Beagling exposed again.
p10-12: In the hunt UNDERCOVER part III.
P26-28: Back in the Day … [the early ‘90s campaign against the Ytene Mink Hunt].
p31: Obituary – Chris Kneath (Old Man Chris).

HOWL 118

HOWL 118 Autumn 2018
p4-5: Cry me a River. The Decline of the Northamptonshire Minkhounds.
p6-7: RSPB: giving nature a home? [The Hunt Investigation Team explain the disturbing links they found between a leading conservation charity and local bloodsports enthusiasts].
p8-9: Serious Trust Issues. The grassroots activists at National Dis-Trust bring us up to date with their campaign.
p9: The Timmy. Winner – Northants Minkhounds.
p10-11: Operation Blackthorn. The Political Policing of Fox Hunting.
p22-23: Inglorious Bastards: Grouse Shooters Sabbed.
p24-25: Gizmo or Gizno! The HSA Tactics Officer advises on use of the gizmo.
p26-27: Back in the Day … the Surrey Union Hunt.
p28-29: Sett Threat. How hunts target foxes and badgers.

HOWL 119

HOWL 119 Spring 2019
p4-5: Taking the moral high ground. Lancashire Hunt Sabs explain how the fell packs work – and how to stop them.
p6-7: The fast and the furious. Norfolk & Suffolk Hunt Sabs explain how to sab hare hunting with harriers.
p8-9: International Action: French Stag Hunt Sabbed. The International HSA team joined sabs from Picardie and Chantilly AVA (Abolition Venerie Aujourd Hui) on Saturday 8th December 2018 on the notorious Equipage de la Futaie des Amis stag hunt in the Foret de Compiegne.
p24-25: Cage Fighters Battling the Badger Cull 2018.
p26-28: Fitz Fit-Up Fails. One of the sabs named in the Fitzwilliam injunction gives the inside story on how it was beaten.
p29: The Timmy. Winner – Fitzwilliam Hunt. Runners-up – the Sandhurst & Aldershot Beagles.
p30-31: Hound Off. The Quantocks Stags. Joe Hashman, founder of Hounds Off on the reality of stag hunting.
p32-34: Back in the Day … Brixton Hunt Sabs.
p36-37: Obituaries – Rhian Eluned Thomas; Karen Fletcher.

HOWL 120

HOWL 120 Summer 2019
p4-5: Making Lincs: the rise of a new group [Lincoln Hunt Sabs].
p6-7: Royal Society for the Protection of … Birds?! Sheffield Sabs explain how and why they sabbed the RSPB’s Fox Cull.
p8-9: One Struggle, One Fight Charlie Qerecox explains why so many brave hunt saboteurs have travelled to Syria to fight the fascists of ISIS.
p26-27: Ilminster Hare Week Sabbed. Bristol Hunt Sabs.
p28-30: Sabbing in Scotland. Kate Louise Powell of Fife & Central Scotland Hunt Sabs explains how hunting – and sabbing – works in Scotland.
p31: The Timmy. Winner – North Warwickshire Beagles.
p32-33: Back in the day presents …Hare Wars.
p34: Meet your Committee: The Press Officer.
p35: Obituary – Leanne Bridgewater.
p36-37: Tell Eurotunnel: Stop transporting gamebirds. An HSA investigation.

HOWL 121

HOWL 121 Autumn 2019
p4-5: Camp Badger. Gil Ramirez of W.A.R. looks back on seven years of this amazing activist base.
p6-7: Getting the Shot. [HSA’s Tactics Officer advises on using cameras].
p8: Cambridgeshire Sab Skills Day 2019.
p22-23: Welsh Gun Packs: sab y bastardiaid. [Ed Howl looks into the murky world of the Welsh Gun Packs].
p24: Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs. [Australia].
p26-27: Riparian Barbarians. Hunting the Mink Hunters.
p28-29: No ifs, no butts: Shooters Shafted on Glorious Twelfth.
p31: The Timmy. Winner – Three Counties Mink Hunt.
p32-33: Back in the day presents… Hare Wars Episode II
p34: Meet your Committee: The Merchandise Officer.
p36-37: Running with the Pack [Hunt Saboteurs Sweden sabbing the wolf cull].

HOWL 122

HOWL 122 Spring 2020
p4-5: The Hunt Saboteurs Association: a Unique Organisation. The Chair explains the structure of the HSA and how it works to support sab groups and sabbing.
p6-7: The rise (to notoriety) and fall of the Atherstone Hunt. West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs.
p8: Dead and Buried. Three Counties Sabs unearth further disturbing evidence of hunts targeting badgers.
p23-25: Sea Shepherd Hunt Sabs of the High Seas. Exclusive HOWL interview with Sea Shepherd founder Captain Paul Watson.
p26-27: 2019: Year of the Pheasant. Leading expert Alan Partridge reports on a difficult year for the shooting industry.
p28-29: Scottish Hunt Sab Training Camp III.
P30: Meet your Committee: The Design Officer.
P31: The Nick Herbert “Right Herbert” Award. Winner – Lake District National Park Authority.
p32-33: Back in the Day … Fell Week ’88.
p34: Obituary – Rosemary.
p36-37: The return of the Irish Hunt Sabs.

HOWL 123

HOWL 123 Summer 2020
p4-5: In or Out? Covering the Covert. The HSA Tactics Officer explains what to do – and what not to do.
p6-7: East Coast Conquerors [East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Sabs].
p8: Meet your Committee: Social Media Officer.
p24-25: Hare Shoot Shut Down [Ixworth Thorpe near Bury St Edmunds].
p26-27: Droning on … Harry of Kent sabs explains why groups should have an eye in the sky.
p28: Badger milk. Dolly brings a fresh perspective to fighting the badger cull.
p30-31: The rise of the Stockport Monitors.
p32-33: Back in the Day … Spycops and Hunt Sabbing.
p34: Obituary – John Bryant.
p36-37: Sabbing the Swedish Lynx Cull with Hunt Saboteurs and Underground Badger Syndicate.

HOWL 124

HOWL 124 Autumn 2020
p4-5: If you go down to the woods today… Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs [Traps and snares].
p6-7: Sabbing Mink Hunts in East Anglia.
p8: The Timmy – Warwickshire Hunt.
p24-25: Single Minded Focus [concentrating on one hunt].
p26-27: Murder most Fowl? Not on Melbourne Hunt Sab’s watch! [Sabbing duck shooting].
p28: Glorious Twelfth: more of a whimper than a bang!
p30-31: Back in the Day … a History of Sabbing in Cumbria.
p32-33: Rorke Garfield [The Red Fox] 1942-2020.
p34: Obituary – Sam Challis.
p35: Meet your Committee: Membership Officer.
p36-37: Munster Hunt Sabs.