HSA dismisses hunters defiance of ban

HSA news release 10th December 2004

Hunt Saboteurs Association dismisses hunters’ claims of defying ban as ‘lost cause’

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) today dismissed claims by the Countryside Alliance that hunts will continue to go out in force after the hunt ban comes into effect. Dawn Preston, spokesperson for the HSA, stated ‘What we see here is the Countryside Alliance attempting to beat their chest in light of the failed prosecution of a huntsman in Scotland. They know full well that the law in Scotland is very different from the Hunting Act in England and Wales, and to try and draw comparisons shows how desperate they are to get press for their lost cause.’

She continued ‘Simon Hart, the CA spokesman, has stated that hunt meets for the 19th February will be ‘widely advertised’ – and that is nothing but music to our ears as it makes our jobs a lot easier! Hunt saboteurs up and down the country will be ready, as always, to attend meets and ensure that no hunting is conducted. We will work with the police to advise them on hunting procedure. We will be there to record evidence of illegal hunting with a view to passing this to the police for use in prosecutions. And we will, as ever, be there to prevent our wildlife being tortured and killed in the name of ‘sport’. This is something we have done for the past 40 years, and we are not about to give up now.

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