Illegal Fox Hunters shoot at Hunt Saboteurs

HSA News Release 11th November 2009

Illegal Fox Hunters shoot at Hunt Saboteurs

Saturday 7th November saw members of the recently formed Hunt and Crime Watch Scotland (HCWS) attend a gathering of the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Foxhounds – the Country’s most violent hunt – at Garryhorn Farm in Ayrshire

Members of HCWS had been watching the hunt for several hours when one of their number was approached by an armed member of the hunt.
At this point a rider waiting nearby was overheard saying ”the terrier man is allowed to kill him.”  Other members of the group watched in amazement as the hunter raised his weapon, took aim, and fired directly at their friend, barely missing his head, so close that the monitor was able to smell the cordite from the discharged weapon.

The police were called and refused to attend. It was only after several calls that local policemen appeared. An official complaint was recorded but the police have decided to take no further action due to lack of evidence despite there being five witnesses and video footage of the event.

HCSW refused to be deterred and stayed with the hunt for the rest of the day, reporting no kills and disarray within the ranks of the hunt.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association stated:  “As hunters in England and Wales look forward to a repeal of the hunting Act by a Conservative Government this type of violent incident may become more common place in Scotland where frustrated hunters have no hope of repeal.  Many hunters in Scotland are armed, as the law allows them to flush a fox with hounds to be shot by waiting guns, so it is imperative that the Police investigate and prosecute incidents of this kind.  Violence is second nature to the hunting community and they will not hesitate to use force against anyone who tries to stop them carrying out their illegal activities.”

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