What the fox going on?

HSA News Release 1st November 2008

What the fox going on? Hunts allow media access as long as no questions are asked

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) stated today that after more than 40 years of getting between hunters and their quarry, their work continues much as ever, almost four years after the Hunting Act came into effect.

1st November is traditionally the start of the hunting season proper, although fox hunts have been out terrorising the English wildlife for several months now, engaging in “cubbing” – or “autumn hunting” as the hunts like to refer to the early morning or late afternoon hunting used to train new hounds.


Some hunts are sticking to the law, some are making use of the loopholes to engage in legal hunting, but around the country many hunts are carrying on regardless as if the law had never been passed.

Hunt saboteurs and monitors on the ground are seeing little change in certain hunts’ behaviour, and a blatant disregard for the law of the land. The Police and criminal justice bodies should be ensuring that those breaking the law are being brought to book, but do not appear to be too interested.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association stated that “Hunt saboteurs across the country are slowly returning to the traditional pre-ban methods of saving lives. Local groups are making decisions based on their local hunts’ activities, and many are witnessing not only hunting as usual, but also that the level of violence from hunts and supporters remains undiminished.”

He continued “Our years of experience with hunts up and down the country means we know those who really are likely to try and carry on hunting regardless and rest assured that we already have our cameras trained on them. The general public also seem to be fed up with the outrageous arrogance and attitude of the hunters as the number of tip-offs we are receiving as to the whereabouts of hunts has reached record levels.

“Interestingly, the number of hunts advertising their meets is the lowest we have ever seen, and would make anyone think they had something to hide.”

The HSA is an anti-hunt organisation with over 40 years of campaigning and non-violent activity against bloodsports and, as the very people who are out in the fields with the hunts – both prior to and subsequent to the ban – we are well placed and experienced enough to know exactly what the hunts themselves are getting up to. As such, besides asking the police to tell us what they plan to do, we have offered to lend them our expertise in this area. We have excellent knowledge of the hunting fraternity, are not afraid to capture evidence of law breaking, and are willing to pass such information on in the hope of helping the police enforce the law. “

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