Hunt Saboteurs run over by hunt quad bike

HSA News Release 24th October 2009

Hunt Saboteurs run over by hunt quad bike

Two hunt saboteurs have been run down and injured by a quad bike, driven by a member of the Tedworth hunt, in Wiltshire.  

The hunt saboteurs were parked up in a narrow lane watching the hunt when a quad bike, driven by the hunts terrierman, accelerated towards them.  Despite there not being enough room to pass their landrover and with absolutely no regard for the two people who were standing at the side of the vehicle, the quad drove at them. The driver shouted to “get out the fucking way!”. There was no time and nowhere for the hunt sabs to go.  The quad drove at speed knocking down two men and driving over the upper arm of one of them.  The quad sped off.  It was a deliberate act which could have been avoided.  Both men suffered cuts and bruises and one has suspected fractured ribs.

The sabs called 999 and reported the incident to the police.  The hunt – complete with quad – came back past about 10 minutes later. The riders were recklessly riding very close to people.  The quad driver threatened one of the sabs he’d just run over and said “you and me, down a quiet lane – then we’ll see….”.

Lee Moon, Press Officer for the Hunt Saboteurs Association said:  It’s business as usual in the countryside.  The hunts continue to illegally kill wildlife and act with violence towards anyone who tries to stop them.  In election year, with the Tories promising to repeal the Hunting act, we feel it is important for the British public to know what type of people these are – willing to illegally harm people and wildlife in pursuit of their own pleasure.

For more information please contact Lee Moon on 07774 279 133

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