Please: make US redundant!

HSA News Release 26th December 2008

Please: make US redundant!

Hunt Saboteurs around the country are readying themselves for yet another bloody boxing day – nearly four years after the hunt ban came into effect.

Fox hunts are still killing at will, therefore the role of hunt saboteurs is as important as it ever was; saving hunted animals in the field.

Footage of exactly that is available here

Thousands of hunters signed a pledge to break the ban and risk prosecution in 2004. It now seems that they needn’t have bothered. The numerous loopholes in the Hunting Act make securing a conviction very difficult and the hunts have cottoned on to this – and act with impunity.


We are calling for the ban to be strengthened: with the loopholes removed, and a recklessness clause to be added – currently hunts can put their hounds into areas where they know wild animals are likely to be, and when chased and killed, hunts claim it was an “accident”.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the HSA said: ‘If the public and parliament knew what was really going on in the countryside they would be shocked – hunting as usual, with hundreds of foxes and hares are being tortured and killed in the name of sport every week. Nothing has changed.’

‘We’ve given the Hunting Act a fair crack of the whip, but it’s not stopping the killing – hunt saboteurs are needed up and down the country to save lives, and to stop the hunters torturing our wildlife.’

The Hunt Saboteurs Association is a non-violent direct action organisation which has been dedicated to getting between the hunters and their quarry for over 40 years, and we know better than anyone what illegal hunting looks like – it just seems that no-one else seems to care.

Michael Howard’s Criminal justice Act attempted to retire us by making our activities illegal, and the Hunting Act was supposed to remove the need for our existence – it seems however that the politicians are incapable of putting us out to pasture…

Recent footage of a fox being saved from the jaws of hunting hounds in Gloucestershire is available here.

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