Violent unprovoked attack launched on hunt monitors

HSA News Release 3rd February 2007

Hunt monitors present at a meet of the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent Hunt were today subjected to a horrific unprovoked attack on them and their vehicle, leaving the driver with a suspected broken arm. The hunt supporters attacked the vehicle late on in the day, attempting to steal the keys and when this failed they proceeded to smash all the vehicles windows in an attempt to get at those inside. A spade was used to smash the driver’s window and then attack the driver, who is now awaiting the results of x-rays at hospital. The incident happened around 4pm after the hunt had met at Walter’s Green, Fordcombe near Tunbridge Wells.


Dawn Preston, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA), stated ‘What we have here is a mindless and totally unprovoked attack on people who were there simply to check that the hunt wasn’t hunting illegally. Several known hunt supporters were involved, including the Terrierman (a member of staff employed directly by the hunt), and full statements have been made to the Kent Police, called via a 999 call. An ambulance was also summoned to the scene to assess the injuries of the driver, and he was taken quickly to hospital for further investigation.’

She continued ‘Around a dozen hunt supporters in total joined the frenzied attack, attempting at one point to roll the Landrover over, and all the windows were smashed by the thugs – one can only assume to give them access to those inside. Luckily the driver managed to somehow get the vehicle away, as what could have happened if they had gained access to the other monitors inside doesn’t bear thinking about. This hunt are not strangers to media attention, as back in 2000 a protestor was run over and almost killed at a hunt meet by an alleged hunt supporter, and this led to a high-profile campaign against them. We can only assume that as the hunt has been prevented from hunting wild animals for sport some elements of its support thought they would have their own fun by hunting the very people who are their to save lives. They should know that such attacks will never stop us.’


Notes to Editors
The hunt monitor was taken to the Kent and Sussex Hospital (Tunbridge Wells) by ambulance
Kent Police responded to the 999 call and are dealing with the investigation

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