Hunts Already Trespassing On National Trust Land

On Monday National Trust members filmed the South Shropshire Hunt illegally hunting a fox and trespassing at Inwood, the Longmynd, Church Stretton, Shropshire which is owned by the National Trust. The trespass and illegal hunting took place less than a week after the National Trust board ratified the membership vote to ban “trail hunting” that was […]

Landowners are ditching hunting, why the silence from the MoD?

Lets be clear about this, hunting is on its last legs. The webinar release was an absolute fiasco for the world of hunting. The (still listed on their website) director of the MFHA was prosecuted for his role in encouraging representatives from nearly every hunt in the country to slaughter wildlife and evade prosecution. Ruled […]

The National Trust Lose Trust in “Trail Hunting”

The Board of the National Trust have ratified the members vote from the recent AGM and banned “trail hunting” on the organisation’s 620,000 acres of land. Members voted by 76,816 to 38,184 in favour of banning trail hunting on National Trust land  at the October AGM.  Harry Bowell, Director of Land and Nature said “The board of trustees […]

A True Annus Horribilis For Fox Hunting

Exactly one year ago, on Tuesday 24th November 2020, ITV News at Ten featured a story about the leaked Hunting Office webinars. Fox hunting in the UK would never look the same again. Their coverage was a week and a half after the Hunt Saboteurs Association – who were supplied the video by a third […]

Fox Hunters Sink To New Depths

WARNING: DISTRESSING IMAGES Here at HSA Towers, we try to keep our web posts positive – whether it’s celebrating our crucial role in the webinar trial, shutting down a beagling festival or announcing that yet another hunt has folded. But sometimes, the news from the hunting field is so unremittingly grim that we struggle to […]

Herts Hunt Sabs Speak Out Against The Pony Puncher

It’s the video that’s been viewed more than seven million times and appeared on news websites in Australia, Africa, and the Americas. But now, for the first time, the Hertfordshire Hunt Sab who caught pony-puncher Sarah Moulds on camera speaks to the Hunt Saboteurs Association. “We were parked up at the Drift, Gunby, during second horsing and saw […]

Act Now To Help Scotland’s Foxes

With all the success we’ve been having following the conviction of leading foxhunter Mark Hankinson, it’s easy to forget that Scotland’s ten mounted fox hunts and several footpacks are unaffected by the judgment. Scottish fox hunts operate under the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 – a different law to that used in England […]

Sabotage: The History of The Hunt Saboteurs Association Is Out Now!

Hunt Saboteurs Association -Sabotage Book

This brand new photobook details the inspiring history of the Hunt Saboteurs Association, from our formation in late 1963 all the way up to the present day. With many fascinating photographs and extensive text celebrating the actions of everyone throughout the years who took (and continues to take) direct action against bloodsports, this book is […]

Webinar Fall Out Continues – National Trust Permanently Ban Hunting

The National Trust have permanently banned hunting on their land following their AGM held in Harrogate today. This was the first chance for the trust’s 5.6 million members to vote on hunting since 2017, when the board used discretionary proxy votes to defeat a motion calling for a ban. Accusations of unfairness followed, with members […]

Hunt Saboteurs Storm Northumberland Beagling Festival

Saboteurs overwhelm the hare hunters.

This week hunt saboteurs from across the country have shut down a major hare hunting event in Northumberland. Monday saw over sixty sabs storm into the meet near the remote village of Ingram. Sabs then immediately blockaded the exit route to prevent them hunting elsewhere. A day-long standoff then ensued with the hound van eventually […]