Attention National Trust Members – Trail Hunting Is A Pack Of Lies!

The problem with telling a lie is that you often have to cover it up with another, then another and another. Before you know it, you have a whole pack of lies running out of control! This is exactly the situation the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) and the Countryside Alliance (CA) have got themselves […]

Larsens To Kill

(Photo credit - Moorland Monitors)

The Larsen trap is a cage made of wire mesh and a wooden or metal frame in which a live bird is used to lure in other birds (this works at the times of the year when corvids are territorial, between spring and autumn. The distressed prisoner in the Larsen will attract the resident birds […]

AXA Must Axe The Hunts

The Hunt Saboteurs Association are calling for a boycott of AXA insurance due to their involvement with the hunting community. As first revealed by Hunting Leaks, AXA provide legal fee insurance for every fox, hare and stag hunt in the UK. This policy covers Hunting Act offences and violence towards hunt saboteurs. Every time an […]

Support Hunt Sabs From The Safety Of Your Kitchen!


The Hunt Saboteurs Association are pleased to be partnered with the abillionveg app to promote vegan food and to raise funds for hunt sabotage! You can help us raise funds by following these simple steps: 1) Download the abillionvegapp onto your smartphone2) Setup a login3) Start to review any and all vegan food you buy […]

Kangaroo Slaughter Sabotaged

protest to protect kangaroos

Australia: Foster’s lager, barbeques, beaches, and larrikinisms. Well, at least that’s what is sold to you. Steve Irwin and Crocodile Dundee. Amazing wildlife found only in Australia. What they don’t tell you, and is sadly not restricted to Australia, is that our government does not care about our wildlife. We’ve battled debilitating drought and exhausting […]

HOWL: Hounds Off Wildlife!

HOWL magazine

HOWL – the magazine of the Hunt Saboteurs Association – will be hitting the doormats of our thousands of members in the next week or so. As usual, it is packed with news from the front line in the fight against all blood sports. This forty-page edition features articles on a huge range of topics […]

HSA New Merchandise!

Whether it’s your first cuppa in the morning or one relaxing reading the latest HOWL before bed you can show your support with one of the new HSA mugs! Featuring the fox silhouette with grungy Sabotage font along with the classic HSA logo it’ll be a popular choice for all wildlife lovers mug cupboards. As […]

Mink Hunters – Nowhere to Hide

Courtenay Tracy Hunt

For the past two months sabs have continued their summer of action against the elusive mink hunts. Northern groups have intensified their campaign against the Northern Counties Mink Hunt, kennel watching them every week and receiving plenty of tip-offs from fed up locals. The hunt appear to have been staying at home on Saturdays to […]

Hunt Saboteurs Association AGM Cancelled

Hare hunters sent packing by sabs

With regret, the HSA committee has decided to cancel this year’s AGM due to be held at Reading International Solidarity Centre on 24th July 2021. The safety of sabs, supporters and the public are our priority and continued uncertainty around Covid-19 means that we do not feel it can go ahead. In normal times, the […]

Earth Awareness Day

In March 2021, a newly built artificial fox earth was discovered in woodland in Cambridgeshire, on land frequented by the Fitzwilliam Hunt of Peterborough. This location was less than one mile from two regular hunt meet locations. This hunt have been known to make active use of artificial fox earths, as terriermen have been witnessed […]