HSA Summer Mink Hunting Campaign Continues

Packing up
Packing up

On Saturday the elusive Dove Valley Mink (otter) Hounds were shut down by sabs from Nottingham, Staffs, West Mids and Mendip Sabs.

Supporters vehicles were found at the Farmers Arms, Withington by eagle eyed spotters leading them to the hunt itself skulking on the River Blythe, a favoured river of theirs. Sabs piled in to find the usual dismal, decrepit group of blood junkies equipped with spades and poles, clear signs of their criminal intent. The hunt quickly packed up and the un-MOT’d hound van driven by whipper in Rachel Shaw, containing children and towing a trailer full of hounds slunk back to kennels.

Rachel Shaw with terrier and supporter with metal pole

The Dove Valley are the third mink hunt to be sabbed this summer following the Three Counties in late May and the Northern Counties in early June and again recently when they never even left their kennels.

Terriermen equipped with spades

What’s been noticeable on each occasion is the tiny number of support these hunts can muster. There are only a handful of mink hunts left in the UK and their territories are huge yet, despite this vast potential pool of supporters, double figures will constitute a successful day. This could be because the hunts are having to be so secretive that even potential new members can’t join them or it could be that this is a dying sport that only a tiny, ageing number don’t find morally reprehensible. Whatever the reason it’s great news for wildlife!

A Hunt Saboteurs Association spokesperson commented:

“There’s no denying the mink hunts are hard to find but that’s in part because there are so very few of them keeping this archaic pastime alive and it’s clear that they’re not even welcoming new blood from within huntings ranks. Mink hunting will certainly be consigned to history within a generation as the lack of young blood takes its toll but hunt sabs aim to finish it off much sooner than that. Our local groups are tireless and will never stop hunting these illegal hunters, forcing them ever further underground.

Please support us and become part of the network of compassionate eyes watching out for these countryside vandals whenever they dare venture out from their kennels.”

If you see anything suspicious that you think might be a mink hunt please contact our tip off line on – 07443 148426.

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