Hunt Employee Charged with Interfering with a Badger Sett


The terrierman of the York and Ainsty South Fox Hunt, and two other men, have been charged with interfering with a badger sett.  The charges stem from an incident in December last year when members of Sheffield and Doncaster hunt saboteurs came upon the men digging out a fox at Escrick Park, near Selby North Yorkshire, whilst following the hunt.  The sabs managed to save the fox despite having to defend themselves from violence from a large group of hunt supporters.  The sabs reported the incident to North Yorkshire Police who took statements before charging the men.  They are due to appear at York Magistrates Court on the 5th June.

Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, Said: “Congratulations to these brave hunt saboteurs who not only saved the fox on the day but followed it up by reporting the incident to the police.  We understand that Escrick Park, previously a stronghold of the hunt, no longer allows them on their land due to the negative press generated by this incident.”

Press release from December last year can be viewed here.


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