Hunt Kennels Are Hell On Earth


Secret footage shot at five fox hunt kennels shows stomach-churning scenes of animal cruelty, degradation, and utter disregard for biosecurity regulations.

In one sickening scene, a hunt quad bike – normally used for transporting terriermen or mowing down hunt sabs – is repeatedly used to try to flatten the bloated body of a dead cow.

Hunt terrier thugs use their quad bike to abuse a dead cow.

Other sickening sequences show calves and horses being ineptly shot by hunt thugs. Unbelievably, their bodies – along with those of foxes, badgers, sheep, and partridges – are then sold on to fuel companies to be turned into gas and electricity.

Adding fuel to the fire: hunter flings a fox into a skip.

Perhaps the most troubling footage show a succession of trusting, healthy hounds being shot and then hurled into bins like trash. Pulling the trigger is the man who is meant to care for them: Will Pinkney, huntsman of the Carmarthenshire Hunt.

Huntsman Will Pinkney discards a hound he has just shot.

The footage – commissioned by vegan power company Ecotricity – also captures serious breaches of basic biosecurity measures across a number of the hunt kennels. Such arrogant and negligent behaviour puts the whole rural community at risk of disease outbreaks.

Horse shot in the head at hunt kennels.

A HSA spokesperson commented:

“Hunt sabs are used to exposing the cruelty of hunting out in the killing fields. This footage shows that the ‘backroom’ activities of hunts are exactly the same. The same sickening violence and cruelty, the same disregard for animals living and dead and the same utter contempt for the law. There is no smokescreen to get them out of this one.”

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