Hunt Sab Hospitalised As Violence Surges Across The Country

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Last Saturday, a Peterborough hunt sab was beaten unconscious by a gang of drunken thugs from the Oakley Hunt. The thugs then stole camera equipment – containing evidence of the attack – as the sab lay bleeding and unconscious on the ground.

This was the most serious of a series of incidents last Saturday, as hunters up their violence against hunt saboteurs.

Sabs administer first aid to their injured comrade.
Sabs administer first aid to their injured comrade.

Northern Ireland sabs – who have to contend with fully legal hunting – were “lucky not to be reporting a fatality” after a sab was dragged over a fence by a mounted rider of the North Down Hunt. In Scotland, frustrated riders from the Lanarkshire & Renfrewshire Hunt charged at Glasgow and Edinburgh sabs after they bravely intervened to save a fox.

Brave Glasgow sabs refused to be intimidated.
Brave Glasgow sabs refused to be intimidated.

In the midlands, Northants and Hertfordshire sabs witnessed the return of ‘stewards’ at the Cottesmore Hunt. These thugs wasted no time in stealing a camera that was being used to record evidence of illegal hunting. While in the southwest, North Dorset sabs attending ex-MFHA Director Mark Hankinson’s South & West Wilts Hunt were attacked and mugged by thugs who weaponised horses, quadbikes, and motorbikes against them.

South & West Wilts biker gang threaten sabs.
South & West Wilts biker gang threaten sabs.

A HSA spokesperson commented,

“The cowardly attack on our Peterborough comrade, and the many other serious incidents last Saturday, come just a week after a Staffordshire sab was almost killed by being mown down by a horse at full gallop at the North Shropshire Hunt. Hunters are coming under increased pressure on and off the field and they are responding with ever more violent attacks on anyone who opposes them.”

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