Hunt Saboteur Attacked During Fox Rescue

HSA news release 31st December 1999

Countryside Alliance ‘truce’ classed as a joke

Hunt Saboteur Attacked During Fox Rescue

Hunt saboteurs today condemned the hunting fraternity for failing to abide by their own ‘truce’ following a violent attack on a saboteur.

Saboteurs had successfully rescued a fox that had been badly mauled by hounds and were attempting to take it to a vet when two hunt staff and a rider intervened. The saboteur holding the fox was repeatedly attacked until he dropped the terrified animal and he is now receiving treatment for his injuries. The fox met a horrific end courtesy of the hounds. Around 10 members of the West Sussex Wildlife Protection Group (WSWPG) were in attendance at a meet of the Chiddingfold, Leconfield & Cowdray Foxhounds at Rowner Farm, Billingshurst near Horsham when the incident happened at approx. 1.45 pm.

Dawn Preston, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated ‘Here we stand on the eve of a whole new century and yet things remain exactly the same. Saboteurs are regularly attacked or at the very least threatened by the hunters and their supporters, and yet the Countryside Alliance had the nerve to call for a ‘truce’ between protestors and hunters over the Christmas period! Despite this saboteurs successfully disrupted around half of the traditional Boxing Day meets on Monday, and we will continue to do so until hunting with hounds is banned.’

She continued ‘The fox today almost had a second chance, and would have lived to see in the new millennium had it not been for the violent and despicable actions of the hunt. However we know that we may help get the next fox away – and that is precisely why we sabotage bloodsports.’

Notes to Editors:-
Activists from the WSWPG were responsible for the rescue of ‘Copper’ the fox from the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray FH in February this year, and this re-opened the debate as to how much hunted animals suffer during the actual chase.

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