Hunt Saboteur Stabbed by Hunt Terrier Man

Stab Wound 1
Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release 14th November 2015


A hunt saboteur has been stabbed by a terrrier man from the Southdown and Eridge Foxhunt. The hunt were holding an early morning meet at Eridge, near Tunbridge Wells and were furious that sabs were present to stop their illegal activities. All was relatively quiet until a group of terrier men launched an unprovoked, sustained attack on sabs. Two of the hunt supporters used knives in these attacks and two of the sabs have been treated for serious stab wounds to their hands. Other injuries included a fractured hand and a tooth being knocked out.

Sussex Police were in attendance but were ineffective in their response and made no arrests (although the attackers were identified by sabs). The wounded sabs had to call an ambulance themselves. When extra police did turn up, they spent their time hassling sabs rather than trying to locate the hunt supporters who had used knives in the attack.


Lee moon, Press spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “When knife crime occurs in cities politicians, police and the media drum up hysteria and insist on long prison sentences for the perpetrators. When it’s their friends in the fox hunting community however the police turn a blind eye and instead harass the victims. Saboteurs are used to such violence. It doesn’t deter us and in fact only makes us more determined to stop them illegally hunting and killing wildlife.”
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