Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release 13th of November 2011

South Down And Eridge Catapult Ammo

Another Saturday, another day of Hunt violence

The South Down and Eridge Fox Hunt has become increasingly aggressive over the past few years. Attacking hunt saboteurs in  car parks, threatening them with knives, riding them down and employing ‘stewards’ to harass their every step. You would think they are hiding something?

On Saturday a whole new level was reached. The day started as usual with verbal abuse, quad bikes being driven at speed near people and  threats of ‘home visits’.  The Saboteurs persisted in following the hunt which was making little attempt to follow it’s own false trail. The day started getting heated when a hunt supporter constantly drove his vehicle in front of the sabs land rovers to impede their progress. This was followed by a number of hunt supporters following the land rovers and driving aggressively and dangerously. Near the close of the day more threats were made and clear attempts were made to start fights, which the sabs refused to react to.

Finally the hunt had packed up and the hunt saboteurs were gathered in a residential road when a vehicle which had been following the group’s vehicles drove up. A catapult was fired out of the passenger window and the missile (a wheel nut) hit a female saboteur on the elbow.  The police were called and the perpetrators were identified to them.  Arrests are expected. The injured saboteur who was taken to hospital for x-rays on her injured arm has nerve damage.
Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt saboteurs association, said: “This is the reality behind hunting. A violent nasty pursuit practiced by violent nasty people, who do not care as long as they can inflict some form of suffering on animals or humans.  It is time to strengthen the ban and stop these people in their tracks.”
More Info on assaults by South Down and Eridge Fox Hunt supporters:
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