Surrey Union Hounds hit by car during illegal hunt

Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release 25th September 2012

Four hounds, from the Surrey Union Hunt, were hit by a car this morning
on a road between Newdigate and Charlwood.  The female driver had no
chance to avoid the hounds as they ran straight out in front of her
car.  One hound went under her car and was taken away by the hunt. We
have no confirmation, as yet, whether it’s alive or dead.  The woman’s
vehicle was covered in blood after the incident and a van had to swerve
of the road, into a hedge, to avoid the hounds, sustaining minor damage.
No hunt saboteurs were in the area during this incident but were
contacted by a concerned witness.


Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated:  “If
the Surrey Union were following an artificial trail, as they claim, then
what were their hounds doing near a road during the morning rush hour?
We believe their hounds must’ve been hunting a wild animal, in
contravention of the 2004 Hunting Act.  This is not an accident, as the
hunt will no doubt claim, but another example of hunts flouting the law
and putting their hounds, wild animals and motorists at risk.”

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