Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release 7th of November 2011

Chaos in the Countryside

A week after falsely blaming hunt saboteurs for the death of one of their hounds, the attached video shows the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt casually risking the lives of their hounds.  They were filmed throughout the day hunting on main roads, causing traffic chaos and at least two cars were forced to make emergency stops to avoid killing hounds.   When the saboteurs voiced their concerns about how dangerous it was they were met with physical and verbal abuse.


Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt saboteurs Association, stated:

“It was very convenient for the hunt that saboteurs were present last week as it gave them an easy scapegoat for the death of their hound. This video shows conclusively that the hunts don’t care for any animal, even their hounds, and are happy to put their lives at risk, and cause chaos, in the name of sport.”



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