Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release August 11th 2012


Cub hunting starts in the South East with death threats

The Cub hunting season has started in the south east. After a tipoff from members of the public guild Hunt sabs visited the surrey union at their kennels at 5:30am.

The ten invited riders (cub hunting is by invite only for the most blood thirsty) were not happy to see the sabs and tried to lose them by fast riding. One of their number a Mr Freddie Ford proceeded to try and ride down one the female sabs repeatedly and then threatened to kill her in front of members of the public who expressed their horror. The police were called causing the hunt to pack up but were greeted by surrey constabulary at their kennels. 

Video evidence has been supplied of the incident. Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “The practice of cub Hunting has no place under the Hunting Act and cannot be excused as a method of training hounds to a drag. The fact that hunts still go out in the early hours should be enough evidence in itself to show that illegal hunting is taking place, and all police forces should take this into consideration. Once again members of the Hunt saboteurs Association have to spend long hours monitoring hunts only to be the subject of abuse and physical attacks. It is time the police clamp down on the illegal and violent countryside gangs, masquerading as legitimate organisations.”


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