Surrey Constabulary continue to doff the cap

Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release August 24th 2012

Surrey constabulary have shown their usual bias by arresting one female hunt saboteur for harassment outside the Surrey union kennels on the 23rd August. The very same saboteur who was the victim of death threats and attempts to ride her down only last week. No police action has been made in relation to these two crimes to date. The arrest was made purely on the verbal evidence of one member of the hunt.

The remaining members of Guildford hunt sabs continued on despite threats of arrests and forced the hunt to cease its activities by 7am. There is no reason why a legitimate hunt would go out in the very early hours of the day if they were just to lay a false trail, and it is clear that this hunt is attempting to break the law by ‘accidentally’ killing thus training their hounds to kill foxes.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “Hunt saboteurs have been the victim of aggressive, and at times illegal, police action throughout its 50 year history. This has not changed much since the ban and Surrey Constabulary has always been high up the list of police forces using aggressive tactics, in the past this went as far as having two mounted riders out with the hunt on horseback. Members of the hunt saboteurs will not be put off by such tactics and as long as we suspect that hunts are breaking the law we will be there to take evidence and if need be intervene to save animals’ lives“.


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