Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release December 21st 2011

Let the Spin Doctoring Commence


As Boxing Day approaches the Countryside Alliance’ media machine will be gearing up to full speed for the annual pro-hunt PR event. Hunts across the country will be on their best behaviour as the media focuses on them. They will ride around for a couple of hours and everyone will talk about record numbers and repeal of the hunting act.

We are not interested in Boxing Day. We are interested in the hundreds of other hunting days each season where hunts across Britain illegally chase and kill wildlife . These are the days when the hunt saboteurs will be out in the field intervening directly to save those that the law has failed to protect.


Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt saboteurs association, stated: “ We ask the media and the public not to be duped by the Countryside alliance and their annual PR stunt. This is not the true face of hunting. Join one of our local groups and you will see the true face of the hunting community. They routinely flout the law in their lust for blood and are violent and abusive to any who try and stop them.”



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