First mass action in cull zones

Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release October 14th 2012

Over 80 hunt saboteurs and anti-cull campaigners descended on Forthampton Estate near Tewkesbury today to show their disapproval at the proposed badger cull. The 3000 acre shooting estate covers 3% of the Gloucestershire cull zone and fully supports the cull. The saboteurs took full advantage of the estate’s many footpaths to legally survey for badger setts as well as looking for evidence of the shooting industries guilty secrets and bad practices. They were followed by concerned, and occasionally aggressive, estate staff who were keen to keep them away from the game bird breeding facilities and release pens. The estate also had private security guarding key buildings. The police were out in force and even felt it necessary to send out their helicopter to keep an eye on events.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “Today was an exercise in showing the cost of being involved in the cull. No one broke the law or went anywhere they weren’t allowed yet Forthampton estate felt the need to bring all their staff in on a Sunday and even employ extra security while the police were out in force to watch people strolling around the countryside. With so many footpaths Forthampton Estate, and many other landowners in the cull zones, will find it difficult to stop legal opposition to the un-scientific, immoral badger cull”

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