Hunt Saboteurs poised to flood into cull zones


Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release September 25th 2012

The Hunt Saboteurs Association has had an influx of new members and supporters in the past few weeks as public anger has mounted against the Government’s proposed badger cull. These new members will be joining local saboteur groups and travelling to the cull zones to engage in peaceful, legal direct action against the slaughter as soon as it starts. Many hunt saboteurs are veterans of the Krebs and Welsh badger culls and will be able to share their expertise of how to safely campaign against the armed killers.

The cull is due to begin this Autumn in two pilot areas, one in Somerset and one in Gloucestershire. The results from these pilots will determine whether or not the cull is rolled out to bTB hotspots nationwide in future years, Defra is prepared to kill at least 70% of the badgers within cull areas; this may effectively kill all the badgers in those areas. Badgers will be shot, at night, with high powered rifles which may pose a threat to local residents, pets and other animals.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “Now is an exciting time to be campaigning for the rights of wild animals. It has been years since we had such a surge in interest and we are confident that, once the badger cull has been stopped, these new members will join us in the fight against bloodsports.”

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