Hunt Saboteurs Association Supports Lush with their Wildlife Crime Campaign


Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release 12th Nov 2012

The Hunt Saboteurs Association has been working closely with Lush to highlight the lack of spending on wildlife crime by UK police forces.  Our members across the country have been spending time in Lush stores talking to members of staff and the public about the lack of police enforcement of the Hunting act.

The campaign highlights the disparity in policing budgets for the prevention of wildlife crime and the monitoring of activists.  The wildlife crime police unit has twelve staff compared to one hundred staff, from three national police units, who are responsible for combating domestic extremism. Run by the “terrorism and allied matters” committee of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), the national domestic extremism unit receives £9m in public funding and employs a staff of 100.

Lush are also encouraging people to vote for anti-hunt candidates in the upcoming Police Commissioner elections being held on the 15th November.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated:  “It is bad enough that the police choose to ignore illegal hunting and other wildlife crime but the fact that they are spending huge amounts of money monitoring groups such as the HSA just makes it worse.  If they spent time and money on enforcing the Hunting Act then we wouldn’t be having to do their job for them.”

For more information on Lush’s campaign to increase police funding for wildlife crime see

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