Hunt Saboteurs – Badger’s last line of defence


Please support us, we will fight for badgers – what will you do?

As most people will be aware the Government’s pilot badger culls have begun in West Somerset, with Gloucestershire to follow imminently. We have been active via our locally run Hunt Saboteur groups in mapping setts in the cull zones and will now be active in fighting this mindless slaughter every step of the way.

We will be working with all groups nationally and locally in the cull zones to oppose this senseless destruction of our badgers and the potential spreading of the disease bovine TB.

The cull if it goes ahead unhindered for the next six weeks, will see the slaughter of around 5,000 badgers. Of course many more will be maimed or wounded and left to die a slow painful death. Only 120 of these dead bodies collected, will be screened for the disease.

If you are unable to get to the zone to voice your opposition in person please assist us on social media sites, writing to your MP and giving us greatly needed monetary support by donation, joining the HSA or buying merchandise.

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