Hunt Saboteurs Fight The Brutal Badger Cull

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Since 2013, the Conservative Government and the National Farmers Union have spearheaded a
policy that has led to the death of 175,000 badgers, a third of the national population. This has led
to local extinctions in parts of the Southwest. In 2021 there were 61 cull zones across the UK, in which the
killers slaughtered 33,687 badgers. Unsurprisingly, Prime Minister Liz Truss is one of the most
vociferous supporters of the discredited cull, promising that the Tories “… will not let up, whatever
complaints we get from protesters.”

Help is coming.
Help is coming.

Once the four years intensive killing is completed, then zones become ‘supplementaries’ which have
an extended kill period of 6 months in order to keep a low badger population. There are currently
21 supplementary zones, a figure which will increase every year as more zones finish their four
year intensive culls.

In the zone: sabs fight the cull night and day.
In the zone: sabs fight the cull night and day.

This year – as they have every year since 2013 – brave local sab groups are mobilising to fight the cull.
They use military grade night vision and thermal imaging equipment, funded by the HSA, to find
and stop shooters and they walk thousands of miles to find traps and other nasty cull paraphernalia.

Sheffield sabs sends the shooters packing…
Sheffield sabs sends the shooters packing…

Hunt saboteurs and other anti-cull activists are making the badger killers fight for every life they
take. If it wasn’t for the stiff resistance the killers are meeting on the ground, the number of deaths
would be far higher and local extinction would have taken place in large parts of the West

We will keep fighting until this cruel cull is gone for good.

To get involve find your local sab group here –

For other resources about the cull check out the Badger Action Network –

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