Hunt saboteurs instrumental in ending Badger Cull

The Hunt Saboteurs Association is proud to proclaim its role in bringing the hated badger cull to an early finish. This can never feel like a victory as far to many innocent animals have been murdered but it is a great testament to a wide variety of groups who have worked tirelessly together that we have, for now, beaten the Government and the NFU.
Hunt sabs have been out in both zones since the cull began using non-violent direct action to save animals lives. They have been incredibly effective and are a significant part of the reason why the cull was such a total failure. The Government have moved the goalposts so many times that we have ended up playing an entirely different game but whatever they have thrown at us – cage trapping, oppressive policing and illegal extensions we have taken in our stride and defeated. The Hunt Saboteurs Association has more than doubled its membership since the culls began and we have had a huge upsurge of interest in those wishing to join our local groups.
This is not the end but it is a significant blow to Owen Patterson’s hopes of a nationwide badger massacre. We have shown that we will never give up and if they continue with this morally abhorrent policy we will come back even stronger and beat them again.
Lee Moon spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association stated: “It has been truly inspirational to see hunt saboteurs work so closely with others, from all walks of life, to fight this hideous cull. The support and respect we receive from all those we work with has been amazing and the increased support means the organisation is stronger than it has been for years. Now the cull is temporarily over we look forward to turning our attention back to our traditional target of hunting with hounds and, with our increased levels of support, making the hunters lives a misery for the rest of the season.”

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