Hunt Saboteurs make 999 call after unprovoked attack by supporters of illegal hunt

HSA news release 28th January 2006

Hunt saboteurs make 999 call after unprovoked attack by illegal-hunting supporters.

Hunt saboteurs present at a meet ofthe Worcestershire Fox Hounds today had to call 999 after they were attacked by supporters of the hunt as they sought to prevent illegal hunting taking place. The Hunt met at 11am at Elmsbridge, 4 miles north of Droitwich, in Worcestershire and saboteurs present saw immediately that, as previously, the hunt were blatantly hunting illegally – despite the recent hunting ban. The saboteurs present then started to use non-violent direct action tactics against the Hunt in order to prevent them successfully hunting, for example using hunting horns to distract hounds and sprays to cover the scent lines of any foxes in the area. Shortly after a group of hunt supporters launched an unprovoked attack on a saboteur as he walked to his vehicle, hitting him across the face with a stick and dragging him to the ground. The police were immediately called, and the injured saboteur taken to hospital.

Dawn Preston, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated ‘Around 25 saboteurs were present at the hunt today, as in the past few weeks the regular group have been subjected to increasingly intimidatory and threatening behaviour from the hunt and it’s thuggish supporters. Afraid to be caught red-handed illegally hounding our wildlife to death, their only option is to attack those who seek to expose them. However, the thugs responsible should be assured that we will never stop in our efforts to save the lives of hunted animals. The Hunting Act ultimately can and will sound the death knell on hunting – and the sooner such neanderthals understand this the better for all concerned.’

She finished by saying ‘Hunt saboteurs have been getting between the hunters and their quarry for over 40 years, using non-violent direct action tactics to do so. Those hunts that continue to hunt illegally will continue to be sabbed by hunt saboteurs – that is a promise.’

Note to Editors:
We fully expect this incident to be reported by the Countryside Alliance as an attack by hunt saboteurs on supporters. This is their standard line concerning incidents involving illegal hunting, as it attempts to deflect attention away from the illegal behaviour of its members. Just ask yourselves (and them) what they are so afraid of people videoing.

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