Hunt Saboteurs respond to Hunting Act injunction claim

HSA news release 23rd December 2004

Hunt Saboteurs respond to Hunting Act injunction claim

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) has responded to reported claims that the government will not oppose an injunction from the Countryside Alliance to delay the Hunting Act’s implementation, if the Alliance’s proposed High Court case to challenge its passing into law fails.

The HSA’s spokesperson Nathan Brown said “We have to ask who runs this country – the goverment or the Countryside Alliance? The government needs to show the same resolve our members show in the face of bullying behaviour and not give in to it.”

“Whether hunting is legal or illegal our members will still be active in the fields stopping wild animals from being ripped apart. The majority of the public, and the majority of elected Members of Parliament, are in agreement with us when we say that hunting is wrong and should be banned. If the government allow the Countryside Alliance to call the shots, it will be seen as a cowardly betrayal.”

“Violence against anti-hunt activists has escalated since the vote on the ban in November. Any delay will not reduce that violence – merely increase the length of time through which our members will be subjected to violence.

It must not be forgotten that 2 hunt saboteurs were killed whilst protesting against hunting. Responsibility for any injuries sustained from now on must lie with those who delay implementation as much as those who inflict them.”

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