Hunt Saboteurs Retrieve Body of Illegally Hunted Fox

The Albrighton and Woodland Foxhunt illegally killed a fox today despite the best efforts of hunt saboteurs to save the animal. The saboteurs were able to retrieve the body and the incident has been reported to West Mercia Police.
The hunt met at the Robin Hood Inn, Drayton Road, Stourbridge and then proceeded to hunt near Drayton House and Drayton Pool. Sabs heard hounds in full cry on the trail of the fox and despite trying to intervene couldn’t stop them killing the fox and dragging its body into a stream. Members of the hunt stood by and did nothing as the kill took place.

Fox Killed by the Albrighton and Woodland Hunt - 2 Fox Killed by the Albrighton and Woodland Hunt - 3


The hunt carried on and sabs successfully intervened to save another fox before the hunt packed up at 3pm. They then went and spoke to the proprietor of the Robin Hood Inn and showed him photos of the murdered fox. They asked him to bar the hunt from meeting at his pub but he refused to comment on the matter.
The illegal kill has been reported to the police and the fox’s body will be autopsied.
Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “Sadly on this occasion hunt saboteurs were unable to stop the illegal murder of this fox. All credit to them however for managing to retrieve the body as evidence and for saving another fox later in the day. This type of illegal hunting takes place constantly and it is only thanks to the presence of hunt saboteurs that the hunts don’t get away scot free. We hope that West Mercia police investigate this crime but we sadly believe that, as so often in the past, they will turn a blind eye to the illegal slaughter of our wildlife.”

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