Hunt Saboteurs return to scene of vicious attack

Hunt Saboteurs saving lives!!

News update 7 November 2009

After last Saturdays unprovoked attack on two Hunt Saboteurs by followers of the Southdown and Eridge, Fox Hunt saboteurs from the South East returned to show they will not be intimidated by threats and acts of violence in our efforts to protect the hunted wildlife of this country.

Around thirty Hunt Saboteurs, including the two who were so viciously attacked last week, were present.  The Hunt Saboteurs attended the meet at Golden Cross Equestrian centre and although attempts had been made to avoid any presence of the ‘antis’ by leaving the hunt kennels four hours earlier then normal and holding the days hunting from 8 am. Hunt saboteurs had anticipated such events and were on duty from 6am.

The Hunt proceeded to rush at speed around the surrounding countryside in a vein attempt to lose all Hunt saboteurs, but eventually gave up at 11 am – the normal time of a day’s fox hunting would start. The huntsman was heard to swear profusely about the pointlessness of the exercise before packing up and going home with no blood on his hands for once, through no fault of his for trying.

[Below: Hunt saboteurs saving lives in defiance of violent hunt]

Taken slightly by surprise by the early end to the day the Sab groups decided to invest the time take in gathering together in larger numbers then usual to visit another South East hunt known for its violent behaviour, the Old Surrey and Burstow, who were meeting at the Jolly Farmer Public House in Blindley Heath. Although the Huntsman mark Bycoft put a brave face on so many saboteurs descending on him but it was clear he was not a happy man. He too packed up early and went home at 3 pm.

Surrey police showed how false the claims are that they do not have enough resources to police the Hunting Act by turning up in five squad cars, but then taking no interest in the hunt’s activity.

A spokesman for the Hunt Saboteurs Association said “Hunt Saboteurs will continue to intervene between the hunting community and their victims until their actions are finally ended. Extending this violence towards saboteurs will not deter us. In fact it just makes our resolve stronger knowing that the hunts are getting ever more desperate in defending the un-defendable.”

Two men are still under investigation after last weeks assaults.

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