Hunt Saboteurs Save Lives

Hunt saboteurs Association News Release 31st October 2011 

Tomorrow, the 1st November, is the official start of the hunting season.  For the next six months approximately 250 hunts across the country will chase and kill fox and hare in the name of sport.

The Countryside Alliance will herald the day with much hype and a variety of statistics about lack of prosecutions since the hunt ban and record numbers out hunting etc etc.

These are all designed to cloud the issue and distract the media and the public from the very simple truth.  Hunters and their supporters want to chase and kill wild animals and we, the hunt saboteurs, want to save them.

Lee Moon from the Hunt saboteurs Association said “The pro-hunt lobby are happy for the hunting issue to become as confused and complicated as possible but our message is simple.  The killing of wild animals for sport is wrong and we are determined to stop it.  Hunt saboteurs save lives”


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