Hunt Saboteurs support lone monitor at violent foxhunt

On Saturday the 15th March a group of over 40 hunt saboteurs attended the Sinnington Hunt’s final meet of the season at Kirkdale, North Yorkshire.

 Sabs at the meet

The hunt was targeted in response to the violent assault of a lone hunt monitor two weeks earlier which left him requiring x-rays.  His  camcorder was stolen and his mobile phone smashed by members of the hunt.  The attack could have been worse had an off-duty police officer not stopped to offer assistance.




Not one of the dozen or so hunt followers present during the attack came to the assistance of the lone monitor who had gone out that day to ensure the hunt obeyed the law. One member of the hunt has already been arrested and further arrests are expected.



After the complete disruption of the hunt’s final meet (coincidentally also the final meet for retiring huntsman Adrian Dangar) it can only be
hoped that the followers of the Sinnington, as well as their new huntsman, have learnt that a ‘lone’ monitor is never truly alone.

 Vehicular attackVehicular assaultLee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated:

“These brave monitors deserve our respect for putting themselves in dangerous situations to ensure the law is being upheld.  These violent hunts need to know that hunt saboteurs will always come to the aid of monitors who have been attacked as we know only to well how it feels to be on the receiving end of hunt violence”

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