Hunt Saboteurs Vote and Vow to Continue

HSA news release 26th July 2005

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) has decided to continue its activities and retain its title following the implementation of the Hunting Act.

At its Annual General Meeting, held on Saturday 23 July, members of the direct action organisation decided:

  • to continue activities against hunts breaking the law or exploiting loopholes
  • to provide evidence to the police and CPS
  • to work in co-operation with other anti-hunting organisations to tighten up loopholes in existing legislation
  • to retain the name “Hunt Saboteurs Association”

HSA spokesperson Nathan Brown explained: “Although there were some good arguments put forward for a change of name, in light of the fact that the hunting fraternity has vowed to use loopholes in the law or blatantly break it, the members of the HSA have decided to retain the current name.

“Members were also influenced by the lack of commitment to enforcing the ban by the Association of Chief Police Officers. The Hunting Act is a very simple and easily enforcable piece of legislation where the will to do so exists. Our members are now fully conversant with it.”

He went on to outline future activities for the Association: “Whilst we will continue to be active against other bloodsports such as shooting, we realise that our experience and ability to get close to where the hunting takes place puts us in the best position to gather evidence of law breaking. We know who is involved in hunting and we know where it takes place. We believe that when the first succesful prosecutions take place there will be a drop in the level of illegal hunting taking place. Gathering evidence with video cameras will now be one of our main tactics, but where necessary we will still intervene to save the life of the animal being hunted.”

Hunt saboteurs will be targetting grouse moors at the opening of the grouse shooting season on 12th August – “The Inglorious Twelfth”.

They will also be monitoring the activities of hunts in early autumn when traditionally secretive early morning “Cub hunting” meets take place to train young foxhounds by hunting fox cubs.

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