Hunt Saboteurs will focus on pheasant shooting whilst badger cull continues

Hunt saboteurs association Press Release October 9th 2013

Following the news that that the National Farmers Union are trying to illegally extend the badger cull by several weeks, hunt sabs in the cull zones have promised to focus their attention on the pheasant shooting industry which they say is one of the main groups backing the cull. The shoot owners claim that badgers kill young pheasants (poults) and make a hefty dent in their profits. They know this profiteering argument will not go down well with the general public so instead claim to be supporting the dairy industry to eradicate bovine tuberculosis (bTB).

Hunt saboteurs have noticed that the big shooting estates in the somerset cull zone: Orchard Wyndham, Coombe Sydenham and Chargot have all been focal points for culling activities with shooters and vehicles full of traps seen coming and going around the clock.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt saboteurs Association stated: “Hunt sabs on the ground are telling us that the pheasant shooting industry and the badger cull are inextricably linked and that they will ensure that not a single pheasant shoot takes place as long as the cull continues. The cull has failed on its own methodology as well as the weight of public opposition and it is time the Government and the NFU gracefully accepted defeat and looked at more humane alternatives”



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