Hunt saboteurs have come together from around the country today to disrupt a hunt of leverets – baby hares – near the village of Whittingham in Northumberland.


The hunt was organised by the Oxford-based Christ Church & Farley Hill Beagles who had travelled to Northumberland for a pre-season hunt ‘training week.’

HSA Press Officer, Lee Moon commented, “Leveret hunting is one of the darkest secrets of the hunting world. Its purpose is to train new, inexperienced hounds to kill by setting them on easily-caught baby hares. Fortunately, our friends at the Hare Preservation Trust found out about this appalling event and we were able to prevent it going ahead.”


The hunting group, which is run by students from Oxford University, is scheduled to continue its activities throughout the week. Hunt saboteurs have vowed to remain in the area to ensure that no further harassment of wildlife takes place.


Video and photographs of this morning’s events will be available soon.

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