Hunt thugs resort to terrorism: Bomb attack on Milton Keynes Hunt saboteur

HSA news release 2nd October 1994

On Sunday the 2nd of October 1994 an explosive device was placed on or underneath the car of a well known member of the Three Shires Hunt Saboteurs who lives in Milton Keynes. The device exploded at around 09:00, destroying the underside of the vehicle. The timing and nature of the device was such that no consideration was shown to members of the public in the immediate area which on a Sunday morning would have included children. The following statement has been made by the intended victims of the attack.

“In recent months and years we, along with other hunt saboteurs have been the victims of a hate campaign because we are involved in anti hunt protest.

We face a constant barrage of threats and violence and damage to our property. This new development demonstrates the lengths that these lunatics will go in their campaign of terror against those who try to protect rather than kill animals.

It is a little early to say whether we will continue campaigning but our initial reaction is that for the sake of democracy we cannot allow terror tactics to prevail.

Ironically, the Home Secretary is about to push through new legislation that will reward years of violence dished out by some members of the hunting fraternity with new laws to stop peaceful protest and intervention at hunts. We can only ask that he now allows democracy to take its natural course and outlaw hunting with hounds in line with the majority view, before the hunting fraternity reach new heights in what can only be described as a campaign of terror against both humans and animals.”


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