Hunters Flee As Alston Hare Week Abandoned


The Hunt Saboteurs Association are today celebrating the complete abandonment of the Alston Hare Week hunting festival.

On their fifth consecutive day in the field, sabs were greeted with the sight of dejected hunters leaving Alston and beginning the long drive south.


This is a total victory for hunt saboteurs, who have prevented any animals being killed at what was meant to be the highlight of the hare-hunters year.


HSA Press Officer Lee Moon commented, “Simon Beckett, the organiser of Alston Hare Week, seriously underestimated the complexity of the HSA operation against his hare-hunting festival. We spent months developing contacts in the local community, employed drone technology and, most importantly, had incredibly brave and dedicated sabs in the field all week.”


Hunt saboteurs will continue to patrol the area until tomorrow evening. Attention will then turn to the Northumberland Beagling Festival organised by Rupert Gibson of the Newcastle and District Beagles.

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