Hunters Whining, Press Obliging…Hunt Saboteurs Continue to Save Lives!

View from the sharp end

HSA news release 13th November 2003

Hunters Whining, Press Obliging…Hunt Saboteurs Continue to Save Lives!

(whilst risking their own)

Fun in Hampshire Fun in Hampshire Fun in Hampshire
Fun in Hampshire Fun in Hampshire Fun in Hampshire

Contrary to the apparently widespread thinking in some circles, hunting has not been banned yet, and while politicians and press continue to ignore and mislead, Hunt Saboteurs continue to do what they do best – getting out into the fields and woods and stop the slaughter of our wildlife.

As normal, media compliance with hunting’s insistence that fox hunting starts on November 1st has been almost unquestioning. Somehow, the UK has a great reputation for investigative journalism, but when it comes to covering the issue of hunting with dogs in anything other than how the hunters want to be portrayed, eyes close, mouths are zipped and editors stamp on the slightest ‘off message’ report.

Hunting doesn’t start at the beginning of November. Fox Cub hunting has been going on up to 5 days a week (morning or evening) around the country from as early as the end of July this year due to the early harvest. Hare hunting (with Beagles, Bassets and Harriers) has been going on since September and most of these secretive hunts had their opening meets in the middle of October or earlier and none of this has got any media coverage to speak of. Mink hunts have been going all summer and are just about finished now, and the Stag hunts have been chasing and slaughtering since the start of August.

Fortunately for the wildlife in many parts of the country, Hunt Saboteurs have been on hand (despite the efforts of the great British police ‘service’) to intervene and stop hunts killing where they can. Sabs are out week in, week out risking their lives and liberty to save individual animals while politicians blather on about civil liberties and controlling ‘pests’.

Tony Blair and all the other hangers-on can talk until the cows come home, but if they haven’t got the guts to carry out their stated manifesto pledges, they should just be honest. Then shut up, F*ck off and leave it to us.

Below are a few insights into what has been going on at hunts near you – it’s up to you what happens next.

Sabs and hounds Sabs and readcoats
Goons Face to face
Not enough police resources What hunting is about
Hunting is strictly controlled Sweaty hunt servant
Innocent victims You're nicked
Eating for home No money to police a ban

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