Huntsabs pledge direct action to prevent the killing


Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release. 7th April 2013

The Hunt Saboteurs Association has pledged to take decisive and direct action to stop the killing of badgers should culling go ahead in June this year in two proposed pilot areas.

“We will not stand idly by while our native wildlife is slaughtered at whim, political or otherwise” they have said.

This government’s proposed badger cull has been an unmitigated public relations disaster, it has been proven not only to be unscientific but also extremely unpopular with all sectors of society, including many experts, but still the plan is to go ahead.

We have an arsenal of proven, non-violent, direct tactics developed over the past fifty years of our organisation’s existence, and these will need little adjustment to make the badger cull unworkable.

Hunt saboteurs from all over the country are making plans to be in the pilot cull areas. Hunt  sabs will be on the ground to stand between our wildlife and the guns. They will also be offering training to members of the public unaccustomed to hunt sabotage, to ensure that animals are protected safely and non-violently from this unjust action.

Lee Moon press officer of the Hunt Saboteurs Association stated:

“This government has continued to push policies detrimental to our wildlife, be it a proposed repeal of the hunting act, a slaughter of buzzards and deer, and now it aims to decimate our badger population. Many of this government’s members are known as part of the hunting and shooting set, and have no understanding of the general public’s feelings when it comes to the unwarranted slaughter of our wildlife. Hunt saboteurs will as always act in support of the will of people and ensure our wildlife has a not only a voice, but an active protector in the planned slaughter fields.”


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