Huntsman arrested (again) after protestors attacked (again)

Wendy being loaded into ambulance after suffering broken arm & shoulder

HSA news release 27th September 2003

Huntsman arrested (again) after protestors attacked (again)

A huntsman was arrested this morning at a meet of the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt after 2 anti hunt protestors were violently attacked.

3 ambulances and 3 police cars were called to the scene at Graffham in West Sussex.

A huntsman was arrested and taken to Chichester police station after he allegedly rode over 60 year old protestor Wendy Bridle and used his hunting horn as a weapon to strike the face of Paul Loader. Wendy suffered a dislocated shoulder and fractures. Paul received cuts to his head and a smashed tooth.

Local hunt saboteurs claim the hunt is “out of control” and are concerned that if not stopped someone will be killed.

Last week, Paul Loader made a statement to the police alleging assault after he was strangled by one of the huntsmen. In that incident, a live fox was thrown to hounds, breaking the Master of Foxhounds Association’s own rules.

Hunt Saboteurs Association spokesperson, Nathan Brown, commented: “This huntsman is well known to hunt saboteurs as a dangerously violent man. He was cleared in Crown Court of a vicious assault on 2 saboteurs earlier this year after the shocked jury were heavily directed by the judge. His violent and threatening behaviour has been shown repeatedly on National and local television, yet he acts as if he is untouchable. What a credit he must be to the Chiddingfold hunt!”

Referring to the progress of the Hunting Bill through Parliament the spokesperson added, “This incident illustrates that violence against animals and people is all part and parcel of hunting. Hunting groups have publicly made threats to target people opposed to hunting with physical violence. This is the sort of behaviour pro-hunting members of the House of Lords are protecting.”

Still and video images are available of Wendy being loaded into the ambulance, Paul’s injuries and the huntsman involved.

Paul after having front tooth smashed by hunting horn used as a weapon

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