Huntsman Jonathon Seed Disqualified As PCC Candidate

seedy disqualified

Update 11.05.21:
As expected Huntsman Jonathon Seed won the PCC election in Wiltshire. Due to him being disbarred it is looking likely there will be another election, possibly at a cost of around 1.5 million pounds.

Our campaign against him was very public, and our posts about him having past convictions were seen by around eighty thousand people, months before the election. Coupled with video footage of ITV asking him about past convictions, and him refusing to answer, we know the local conservative party, and Seed himself, were extremely aware that he should have been disbarred weeks before the vote.

They deliberately refused to disclose this, and tried their best to cover it up until days after voters went to the polls. They would rather cost us millions of pounds than have removed him from the ballot. They held it back in order to force another election so they could stand another candidate.

We believe this is electoral fraud, and fraud to the tune of 1.5 million pounds would get anyone else put in prison. We will be campaigning for Seed and Wiltshire Tories to pay for the next election themselves.

We have already shown what grassroots campaigning can do, anyone can do it, and together we can demand not one penny of public money goes to cover up this animal killers fraud. If you are a Wiltshire voter, please get involved, and demand that #SeedShouldPay

Since Bath sabs and Wiltshire sabs joined forces to campaign against hunters being in charge of police forces, we have kept the Tories in Wiltshire under constant scrutiny.

Our campaign started months back and national groups picked up on the buzz and joined in. The HSA kept the pressure up, with other groups adding to the pressure by amplifying what we were putting out.

After months of researching Jonathon Seed, the now notorious huntsman, we found that he had historic convictions. Our constant publicity ensured authorities took note; what was previously seen as a role no one cared or knew about, suddenly became important.

So much work by these groups paid off, on the ground and online. The result is that Jonathon Seed has been disbarred. His historic conviction would surely never have come to light without this work. He certainly didn’t think so. He thought he could get away with it.

The lesson is, you target sabs, and you’ll regret it.


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Jonathon Seed disqualified

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