I thought hunting with hounds was illegal. Does it still go on?

Often, members of the public believe that since the Hunting Act came into force in 2005, fox hunting (as well as hare, mink and stag hunting) is a thing of the past. Sadly, however, since then, hunts have carried on much as before due to police indifference and even bias.

Many hunts say publicly that they are simply ‘trail hunting’, but this is just a cover for fox hunting. In the infamous Hunting Office webinars, their Director even said what we all knew – that ‘trail hunting’ is simply a smokescreen used by hunts to avoid prosecution.

Recently, public and police perception is shifting, due in most part to a number of high profile exposés of hunts, such as the Avon Vale Hunt throwing live foxes to their hounds and sabs finding a bagged vixen buried alive by the Cotswold Hunt.

The poor fox is rescued
A vixen buried alive by the Cotswold Hunt

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